An Interesting Read On Measure B

Michael Fattarossi has written an interesting opinion on the law here

According to California Law  even if the measure passes it is unenforceable in any given city until the city adopts the measure into a city code. he cites this:

This does appear to be the case, it also exempts Vernon, Pasadena and Long Beach because they have their own Health Departments, so they would each have to have a ballot initiative on the issue.

So even if the law does pass cities in the Valley where porn is shot like Chatsworth, Woodland Hills etc, would have to bring up the issue at a local city council meeting and vote it in, opening a whole new can of worms….

Assume that most cities would go along but what about, say Chatsworth  they may be disinclined to go along, creating a conflict locally between those who want it and those who don’t, and if every city BUT Chatsworth adopts it how will the residents of Chatsworth feel about essentially being the place where all porn is shot?

This sets up an interesting dynamic…maybe Fabian should be spending his money at the local levels to fight this not county wide where it seems assured to pass.

Locally the voters won’t make the choice, the city leaders will.

It is also unclear if it just includes the inspection parts and the penalties can still be assessed on companies based in LA County, or if non condom releases can be cause for denial of the license required to shoot adult by the measure.



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  1. mharris127

    Nice loophole. Unfortunately, not so fast. Chatsworth, Burbank (Fabian’s favorite hangout) and Woodland Hills are neighborhoods of Los Angeles, not cities in their own right. Therefore the city of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, which has already passed a similar measure, would make the decision. This might be great if porn wanted to move to Pasadena or Long Beach but since most of porn in LA County is based in Chatsworth the industry would still have to move somewhere. I think the industry will move to San Francisco (where they know they won’t have to deal with this again) rather than try to get one of the few exempt cities in LA County to let them move in there. Vernon would at first glance be their best bet if they truly wanted to stay in the LA area but IIRC that city is less than a square mile in area and most of the land is taken up by a large factory there, making that option moot.

  2. RiccoMarin

    WOW. Vernon would work! You have plenty of warehouses and Industrial plants, Trains and continous use of Train horns all day and night. You would even have Farmer John’s slaugther houses and General Mills right there too. And plenty of Latina chicas, and desperate horny men right out there on Long Beach Blvd, who don’t care about Condoms and Hiv test.

  3. mharris127

    Ricco, I can see it now. Some porn chick fucking a cow in the slaughterhouse right before it goes to slaughter, getting the cow’s last load moments before its death. The next big porn star could be the cutest Latina chick in California complete with full fluency in Spanish and willing to do BDSM and double anal in the same movie. The next John Holmes could come right off of Long Beach Blvd. if he can pass a VD test. The owners of JM Productions could produce their abuse DVDs in an empty warehouse complete with hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling. The big problem as I see it is I have read (can’t say I have ever been there) that there are only a very limited number of houses in Vernon, any scene that requires a house/mansion as a set would likely have to be made elsewhere. I have also read lately that Vernon’s government is very corrupt, maybe porn could use this to their advantage. Office space for the porn companies would also be a problem unless one of those warehouses can be converted to office space and editing suites for John Stagliano, Jules Jordan, Steve Orenstein, etc.

    Personally I still think porn is moving to San Francisco and the North Bay area but one or two theoretically could decide Vernon is the place to be, I don’t have a crystal ball to find out with. Maybe Gene Ross can put his crystal ball and tarot cards to work and tell us what is going to happen after November (maybe he will be accurate for once, he is usually way off with his predictions). I can predict one thing, all those cute Latina chicas will be welcomed with open arms in San Francisco as long as they stay out of the Castro district. Maybe a casting office of one of the porn agents could be maintained in Vernon to recruit cute Latina chicks.

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