Paul Chaplin

Paul Chaplin, former owner of Bluebird Films bankrupt and £16 million in debt

Finance guru and former owner of Bluebird Films and the associated Bluebird TV has now declared to be bankrupt. He is apparently £16 million in debt which is just over $21 million US dollars.

Paul Chaplin

The bankruptcy case was brought against him by former client Iain Barker, who claimed that Paul Chaplin’s legal firm had been negligent to him as a client.

Barker had signed up to a money scheme recommended by Chaplin and his firm, but the move turned sour. Barker eventually had to shell out £11.29 million to settle tax bills and interest related to the scheme. He successfully argued that Paul Chaplin’s firm should have warned him of the risks of the scheme and went after his firm for damages.

I reached out to Paul Chaplin for an official comment and partly to LOL but he didn’t respond to my request. Go figure. 😛

In the meantime, you can watch some of his movies, including the award-winning movie BatFXXX which he spent millions to produce – at Klub Kelli.




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