Scottie Ohanian’s Hearing Moved to Tomorrow. Are others coming forward now?

Yesterday at around 8 pm Scottie was finally officially processed and placed in the Men’s Central Jail, while he awaits his arraignment hearing which was moved from today to tomorrow at 8:30 am in downtown LA.

Despite being processed he is still unable to receive visitors. There is no word at this time as to why that is, only speculation. It is possible that after his arraignment hearing we might know more as to why they aren’t allowing him visitors.

Speaking of unconfirmed rumors, I hear that two industry girls who had past issues with Scottie went to visit with the LAPD over the holiday weekend to give their statement in their own cases, which are similar in nature to the one he is in jail for.

I don’t know if other porn performers plan on coming forward at this time, but if I get anything definitive I, of course, will share it with you as the news becomes available.

More on this story as it develops.


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  1. PornReporter

    Ohanian is being held at the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail (MCJ), down the street from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility (incidentally, the world’s largest jail).

    Ol’ Scotty has been processed, meaning he’s been booked into the facility and is no longer in the “holding” area as of Sunday night, April 1, but he is probably not yet “classified”, which would be why he, like all unclassified inmates, cannot yet receive visits (except for attorney visits). How they’ll review his criminal record, medical / psychological situation, and the level of charges against him, then place him in an appropriate pod.

    According to the LA County Sheriffs Dept:

    Inmates who are unclassified are pending a permanent housing location, therefore they are unable to receive phone calls or visits at this time. Once the inmate has been interviewed by our liaison, we are able to safely house him in a location within the facility. Classification can take two weeks to a month before it is completed. Once classified, phone calls and visits can be made.

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