Jynx Maze Fraud Alert

A scam artist has created a fake Jynx Maze Instagram account.

While fake social media accounts are nothing new, this particular case has turned far more sinister.

Jynx Maze’s real Instagram account is jynxiemazie. The person who created the fake account is jynxiemaziee. See how they just added the one extra e at the end?

This particular person setup a Gmail account “[email protected]” and said to contact them for booking information. As you might have guessed, real Jynx Maze fans are using this email address to contact her thinking it’s actually Jynx’s email account. It is not.

Jynx Maze does not do bookings on her own as she is under contract with LA Direct Models. They handle all of her bookings.

This fake person is using that email address to lure fans into sending them cash through Western Union. The poor fan thinks it’s the real Jynx Maze that they are sending money too. It’s not. Jynx Maze does not now nor has she ever lived in Alabama.

As luck would have it, the fan who got this message got suspicious and found another way to reach out to Jynx Maze and that is how this whole scam was discovered. Turns out this one guy was not the only person being scammed.

Luckily the town of Decatur, Alabama is rather small and the name given (of the person to pickup the cash) was unique enough that we were easily able to find them.

The person who was to pickup the money is a 66-year-old woman. This is one of the photos from her Facebook page where you can tell by her timeline she spends a lot of time online playing Facebook games.

I, however, don’t think she is in on this alone. I suspect it is one of perhaps both of her sons, one is 42 and the other 44, who are in on this and perhaps the ones having the day to day conversations with the Jynx Maze fans online. In other words, her son (or sons) pretend to be Jynx Maze online, lure in the suckers, get them to Western Union the money and then the mom picks it up.

This is the photo of her 42-year old who according to his Facebook page is currently unemployed and has been for awhile now.

I do not know that her sons are in on it with her – that’s for the authorities to decide. I am just speculating based on my own past experience with the fake accounts. It’s almost always a man, and very rarely some old women.

I’ve decided to be nice and not our their real names, deciding instead to let the authorities handle this case, as it is a crime, a rather serious one as it turns out because there were more than a few victims involved.

But I did want to take a moment and warn you all that if a porn star asks you to western union her some money, for the love of all things holy, make sure it’s really the porn star you are talking to and not Marvin (as pictured above) or some other guy trying to scam you.

I will update you with the status of this case as more information becomes available from the authorities.

Wire fraud is a serious offense and we look forward to these ass hats getting caught and spending a little time behind bars.


6 Replies to “Jynx Maze Fraud Alert”

  1. mharris127

    I have one question. If someone was inclined to send money to a porn performer (or buy her something on Amazon from her “wish list”, how would that person discern whether the address and/or Amazon account is really the performer’s? Obviously if the address is in either Los Angeles County or southern Ventura County (Google the address if need be) it is more likely (although not guaranteed by any means) the address or Amazon account is legit as most of the adult film industry is based in or very near Chatsworth which is just north of downtown Los Angeles but some performers do live outside of that area (several now live in the Las Vegas area, for example). I think this question would be appropriate for someone that works inside the adult film industry to answer, I certainly am not qualified to answer it.

    As for the asshats that think claiming to be an adult film industry performer to con money out of hapless fans, I think lining them up (securely chained) in front of Sardo’s on PSK night and providing baseball bats to performers to beat the hell out of them is appropriate. At the end of the night these fuck offs can be painfully executed with all of the performers attending PSK that night gathered around to cheer and possibly assist in their painful execution. Fraud isn’t a great crime to commit anyway but these cocksuckers deserve a special place in hell for what they did, they are no better than someone that breaks into a house and cleans all of the valuables out of it while the owners are away in the Bahamas having fun.

  2. Kelli

    You are right mharris. I think the op should have given ways to try and verify the ID of a performer. (No disrespect intended just a thought).

    I think mharris is right about the Amazon thing. Audrey, for example, lives in Texas and not California so her fans see “Texas” as her address. No way to really prove it’s her Amazon account other than the fact that it’s linked from her social media account.

    She’s held up signs saying this is me, but then again we’ve seen people fake those too – more than a few times.

    Nick Manning had to make a damn video of it to prove his id. LOL

  3. joeschmoe

    haha, fuck that guys picture fits the stereotype perfectly, doesnt it

    Sad his mom got dragged into this; she is probably just a happy struggling senior wanting to play games online and talk to her friends; and her stupid son is telling her “hey can you pick up some money for my business venture from western union”

  4. mharris127

    Joe, I disagree with you here about his mommy. I think his mommy is smart enough to figure out something illegal is going on after two or three trips to Western Union in a couple of days. My mother would have asked questions the first time I asked her to pick up cash at Western Union for me. My parents have used Western Union only once in their lives — I was away somewhere before credit card acceptance was commonplace (nowadays my father has a credit card off of my account for that purpose), something broke at home and I sent the cash to repair it while I was away (it was a couple thousand dollars IIRC). Most people have only used WU a handful of times (if even that) as well, receiving a money wire isn’t a commonplace thing in the US. My mother was shocked as hell when she found out it cost me $60 to send that money.

  5. joeschmoe

    There are enough stories out there of seniors being debunked and used as pawns for things that you or I would think “how could she not figure it out”. This is a mom, retired. Her son is 42 and a bum, living off her pension and doing nothing. She wants nothing more than to see her son succeed so when he has “business money” for her to pick up, she just does it. Its easy to turn a blind eye.

    I just can not believe that this woman would be involved in something like this other than trying to help out her worthless son with a blind eye and hope.

    Sure, its possible she is a devious fraudster, but the narrative, the guys situation in life, etc… screams parasite manipulating his mother who has a willful blind spot for his behavior.

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