Don't Believe ALL Women: Avenatti Released On Bond, Says He Will Be Exonerated

Don’t Believe ALL Women: Released On Bond, Avenatti Says He’ll Be Exonerated

Here’s video of Michael Avenatti doing what he does best (no, not trying cases, silly — talking to the press) upon his release from police custody in Los Angeles. He claims he will be exonerated of charges of felony domestic battery.

Believe all women?

Avenatti sounds confident but then he always sounds confident, even when he’s wrong. He can say he’s an advocate for women all he wants but the bottom line is that he’s saying the woman accusing him is not telling the truth and shouldn’t be believed. That’s a contradiction he should be asked about the next 12 times he’s on CNN.

As John Sexton notes at HotAir

Avenatti hasn’t been charged yet and even if he is, he’s innocent until proven guilty.

With that out of the way, let’s just say that if this story holds up it will be one of the worst cases of hypocrisy in recent political history. Avenatti has made a name for himself trashing President Trump for his treatment of women. More recently, he jumped into the Kavanaugh confirmation with both feet, offering two unreliable witnesses one of whom claimed Kavanaugh had spiked the punch at parties to facilitate gang rape.

His whole persona has been as a progressive champion of women, not unlike Harvey Weinstein’s public reputation before the stories came out about him. Now the accuser has become the accused. That’s not a great look (again, if this pans out).

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  1. mharris127

    It looks like Stormy needs a new attorney (and maybe fuck buddy). Michael Avenatti’s bar card will probably be suspended pending conviction and once convicted, it will be revoked because of his felony charges and upcoming conviction. I know I will piss Hop “Mother Fucker” Sing off with this one but I hope Michael likes bubba dick. I think he will be getting a lot of it very soon.

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