Asshat sent nude FaceTime screenshots of ex to her film company boss in California

Asshat sent nude FaceTime screenshots of ex to her film company boss in California

A jilted asshat ex-boyfriend sent naked ‘revenge porn‘ pictures of his former partner to her film company boss in California, a court has heard.

Philip Simpson, 57, persuaded his then girlfriend to pose explicitly during a FaceTime video call. Unbeknownst to her, Simpson screenshotted images showing her genitals which he would go on to send to her boss.

The couple were at the time in a long-distance relationship with the victim living in California and Simpson living in west London.

Prosecutor James Dick told London’s Isleworth Crown Court: “Her friend received a message from the defendant which said words to the effect, ‘childish but guess the worker’ but identifying her place of work.

“She’s a friend of [the victim’s] and the photographs essentially showed her vagina, taken from between her legs. She didn’t tell [the victim] about it at the time, immediately because she didn’t want to upset her.”


The victim had flown over from the US to give evidence, but Simpson pleaded guilty to sending the photos.

Mr. Dick [lol] added that the victim had no knowledge that the photos had been taken until she was told by her friend.

The pictures were sent following an argument between the couple after the victim had not told Simpson when she had got home safely from a day out.

The pair then argued over a video call, where the defendant referred to “broken promises” and said that whilst he would “always love her”, he would delete her on social media.

Sentencing him for disclosing a private sexual photograph with intent to cause distress, Judge Phillip Matthews told him: “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that you caused very serious distress by disclosing that photograph to her friend.”

Simpson was sentenced to five-months jail suspended for two years, made subject to a five-year restraining order and ordered him to carry out 150 hours unpaid work and pay £2,400 costs.

Ryan Thompson, defending, said Simpson earned £22,000 per year working six-days-a-week as a gardener and added: “He is sorry for the hurt and the trouble that brings him before the court.”

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