Jenna Jameson Hosting XBiz Part 2


Heres some more choice tidbits

“Jenna backstage, barefoot, being carried by 2 people. This. Is. Awesome”

“its not a porn award show, its an intervention for Jenna”

“Does she get paid in pills every time she mentions Fleshlight?”

“Maybe Xanax and alcohol IS a bad idea”

I hope that this is a lesson for XBiz.  there are a lot of people in this business who could host and put the industry and YOU in a positive light, pick one of them next time, the train wreck you staged critically injured you and the people in this biz.

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  1. vickyvette

    She’ll go on celebrity rehab, share, cry, have a lot of drama, and end up even more famous than she was before. We will all forgive her (well not me), but 99% of people will forgive her because that’s what we always do. Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head years ago and everyone said she was done? According to Forbes she earned 58 million in 2013. Especially in porn. We are more forgiving than most. You can’t flunk out of porn, lol…

  2. vickyvette

    If she were to do b/g right now, there is not a single director who wouldn’t hire her in a minute. Everyone would hire her once now, and once again after she goes to celebrity rehab and gets even more famous than she is now.

    That is how it works. That’s our business, like it or not.

  3. jimmyd

    Someone with a terminal illness who has to be wheeled up on stage with and IV drip and a nurse in attendance would better reflect the current state of the business. Just saying.

  4. Lacey Blake

    As horrible as this sounds, I always find it amusing when many in the industry get “offended” by other performers and claim it’s ruining the reputation of the industry…

    You just had someone’s fist up your asshole yesterday and the day before that you had 50 guys shoot a load up your ass, let’s not act like Jenna Jameson being drunk and/or on Xanax is somehow ruining the upstanding reputation of the industry here….

    It’s unfortunately sad, but not all that uncommon.

  5. erik2690

    Mike is the one acting like this. Other performers were tweeting that she was a mess. Mike is the only one I have seen claim that this is some terrible thing that reflects badly on everyone. It just isn’t that big of a deal. She was a mess and it was a silly idea for her to host, but that’s where it ends.

  6. jilted

    Vikie is absolutely correct that no producer would turn Jenna away if she started doing scenes again. What does that tell you about the industry, willing to use a drugged out alchoholic, come to think of it, Jenna isnt much different that a few performers today, maybe even more than a few. And they would pay her more than most of the currenty working females, and that must really hit home with performers today strugling to just make ends meet.

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