Sindee Jennings

SinDee Jennings Says LA Direct Is Stealing Her Site Revenues

Sindee Jennings tweeted a series of messages about her relationship with LA Direct Models. I should note however that a day or two after these tweets took place she issued a letter of apology and just said she was upset and shouldn’t have said what she did.

  • SinDee Jennings: Wow, La Direct Models money manager Fran just lost it and went on a Abusive tangent calling me names, good thing I recorded that shit !
  • SinDee Jennings Watch out girls with La Direct models, Do Not start your websites with them, I haven’t been payed in over 3 months!!! Their a Huge scam !!!
  • SinDee Jennings Oh I keep it Real, Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that, I’ve honestly never been disrespected in a buissness setting like that, wow!
  • SinDee Jennings Caution: Please note, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models is abusive and unprofessional someone should deport that mouth, and her!!!
  • SinDee Jennings I didn’t realize La Direct Models had the right to Steal checks for my Website, ?!!!!! Their refusing to pay me and I’ve been here 45min..
  • SinDee Jennings Please note, La Direct models is scamming their girls, there money manager Fran is a Thief and a liar, they’ve hijacked my website !!
  • SinDee Jennings Iam keeping it real All Day Long!! La Direct Models must not be allowed continue getting away with scamming girls its out of control!!
  • SinDee Jennings Now, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models keeps e-mialing me more excuses as to why she’s holding my money, I should post them all !!
  • SinDee Jennings La Direct Models must not be doing too good If they have to steal checks from there employees!! Its Christmas time, don’t they have souls??
  • SinDee Jennings SinDee Jennings has had enuf, no more lies no more Bull, La Direct Models has over 3 months of checks for my website they won’t pay me !
  • SinDee Jennings I love all the positive feedback I’ve gotten all day about This ” Situation” thanks everyone =) Bottoms Up! 🙂


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