Bill Bailey

Male Performer Bill Bailey Has Died in Mexico ** Updated

Male performer Bill Bailey was at the ExpoSexo 2019 show in Mexico City over the weekend with his girlfriend AJ Applegate who was attending the ExpoSexo 2019.

Today was the last day of the show. He was reported to be drunk in the hotel room and fell over the handrail of the stairs inside the hotel. He fell 4 floors and sustained serious life-threatening injuries from the accident. ** Update: It has been confirmed that he has, in fact, died from the fall.

Bill Bailey

AJ Applegate has not tweeted since the incident occurred. Her last social media message was about 13 hours ago.

We are told she has now just left the police station in Mexico after giving a statement, along with two other performers. And as you might expect they are all just devastated.

Bill Bailey was 38 years old and has been in the industry since 2009. During the last decade, he performed in more than 1750 scenes.


11 Replies to “Male Performer Bill Bailey Has Died in Mexico ** Updated”

  1. Karmafan

    Falling 4 stories is a tough way to go, must have been horrible for his friends and loved ones to see that happen.

  2. jeffreyblush

    Everyone said he was amazing. I met him a few times, Bigboutya.

    Yea Karmafan that really is shitty way to go.

    Why is the YouTube video for the story so creepy is my questions? Weird insect stuff.

  3. mharris127

    May Bill Bailey RIP and may AJ Applegate process this tragedy in a healthy manner and not self-destruct like we have seen so many porn chickies do.

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