This HIV Is Closer To Home That LA Talent Thinks

Here is the latest on the HIV Positive.

It is a crossover male performer who travels between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Some LA based talent has been exposed potentially.

There was a lot of speculation that the performer was based far enough from LA that performers weren’t really affected by it, that is now known to be wrong.

More as this breaks


It seems the talent was also a gay escort and word is that either a client or someone he worked with on the gay side has tested positive.  His test supposedly hasnt yet been confirmed.


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  1. mdxxx

    Crossover male talent…….Anyone else notice a common theme here?

    BTW Mike…Out this guy. He wanted to put the whole community at risk by doing crossover work, why should you spare his name?

  2. jilted

    The only outing should be the AGENT who is booking this guy.
    And IF, and thats a big IF, this happened in Vegas we will soon see just how wide those arms are open to the industry as Dianne Duke has been claiming.

  3. mdxxx

    The Gay Side of the Industry DOES NOT TEST for STD’s. I have heard this first hand. Also they allow HIV+ Performers to work with HIV- Performers. How is this legal? Why are they focusing on getting condoms on in the straight side of porn, when in the gay side people are knowingly having sex with HIV+ people.

    Makes no sense to me.

  4. jilted

    The guys in the gay industry DO test, regularly. They are adults, having massive amounts of sex, protected, and unprotected. They know the risks. They just dont allow the tests to be public in any way. AIM tested gay performers all the time, but those guys did not sign the waiver that the straight performers did. Remember the “16 unreprted cases of HIV” a few years ago? Several of them were gay industry performers, And I know this firsthand, actually being the person who handled all the tests personally.

    Gay producers are just smart enough to know that their is no law requiring testing, so if they dont keep records then their is no proof of any knowledge.

  5. jilted

    The FSC is making a specific effort to ‘distance’ this from Los Angeles. This is a purely POLITICAL move, with nothing to do with the MEDICAL aspect of this situation. The degrees of seperation between any performers is too small to consider the geographical location of a particular infection to be of any significance in the potential spread of the disiease.

    So if performers, and especially APAC cant see that the FSC’s only interest is the best interest of PRODUCERS then you hve your head so deep in the sand there is no hope.

    Why would FSC say “Its not in L.A.,,,when they know full well that connecting the dots of EXPPOSED performers will surely lead to the LA talent pool.

    And when the FSC makes these claims that “all partners have been notified, and are being tested” I would just like to ask a simple question, “Who is giving this information to the FSC? the doctors, the patients, who???? ANd dont performers have the right to know where this information is coming from, or if its just coming out of someones ass? Who is giving this information to the FSC, and EXACTLY what are they being told.

  6. Karmafan

    Every time there is an incident you hear the word crossover. When will the industry smarten up and quit using crossover male talent?

  7. jilted

    I agree, but I would reword your question. When will PERFORMERS smarten up, and when will the organization that pretends to represent performers(APAC) take on this very real issue, instead of issuing statements that simply parrot what the FSC is saying?

    There is no more seperation between the gay and straight industries, and this is AGAIN proof positive of that. What is APAC stance on this, and what advice are they giving their members about this NEW REALITY of the porn industry?

  8. Danny Davis

    I agree with Karmafan. But, the word is that both the agents want crossover talent for more income for working both sides, Straight and gay and also for escorting. And also the Producers like a little male-male action on the side. Oh well. When is the next shutdown going to be?

  9. n24rc

    I feel like I’m watching Fox News on this site sometimes.

    I can’t be silent on these boards anymore. The fact that you can’t identify a person, specifically because you DO NOT know who they are, means you don’t have credibility to begin with.

    Mike, I’m assuming you are a man of logic and reason. So maybe you should apply it before starting message boards with no reliable sources, and pandering to fear and homophobic notions of what the underling problem is.

    This is a line of articles scapegoating people who have nothing to do with the transmission of HIV in straight porn. HIV+ gay men aren’t the problem here.

    It is the stigmas and assumptions that straight people aren’t affected by HIV…which causes lack of personal responsibility and condom usage. IT is this reason alone you see higher rates of infection in communities of black women and men. They aren’t using condoms. They are also susceptible to the same logic fallacy of “down-low” cultures. How are black women getting HIV in the first place when the population of msm is marginal to begin with? MSM(Men who have sex with men). MSM populations are not gay believe it or not. You’ll have to google the background details on MSM cultures.

    The only proven reliable method of preventing transmission of all STI’s including HIV is condoms. No test is going to protect people for the threat of HIV or STI’s.

    Stop conflating differences in gay and straight protocols as the root of this issue. No one ever on a gay set contracted HIV from an HIV + person while using a condom. However, you have cases of transmission on straight sets because performers and producers take no precautions. Testing is not a precaution, it is a detection method.

    You also have members of both communities putting everyone at risk because they aren’t using condoms while escorting. I don’t think your talent pool should be made up of people who escort – at all.

  10. n24rc

    There isn’t money in porn anymore, most of these agents are using the talent as prostitutes. These agents are no more than “pimps.”

  11. Jamie Profit

    See the thing is, that the viewers out there in fantasy land want the guys really more than the girls. They want to pretend that that crossover male performer is in the viewer’s ass and that the guy is
    getting off on that. Yep. It has sure gotten very strange and will get a lot stranger. And you’ll see a lot more HIV incidents in porn.
    The condoms will never be brought into the industry because the talent is intimidated and brainwashed by the powers to believe that it is safe and nothing will happen. When is the start up suppose to happen? Friday? Saturday? $$ is wasting.


  12. billyboy

    In all cases of Industry related HIV cases there is always one basic common denominator in the mix. From a greater to the lesser degree of how obvious the circumstances there is a factual common denominator. Some where there is a cross over bandit runaway gay or “pretending to be straight” Male performer x over bandit performer lurking about as the root cause of a transmittal.
    All cross overs or anyone caught in a gay type scene should never be on a set with any female performers. Stay on the gay side period.
    Each time there is an outbreak this one Male comes to mine as a guess “SC” sooner or later he will be the chosen one if not now at future point in time he will. Watch him Infect a female talent while he fades out quietly. Reduced to hitting up unsuspecting female talents on Twitter saying “its not me” ” I am cured now” or worse change his twitter handle.

  13. MikeSouth

    The flaw in your logic is that I have “no reliable resources” fact is I have very reliable resources my track record on these things is the best of anyones. i dont feel that there is any difference between the gay and straight industry at this point it is one in the same since so many guys work both sides.

  14. MikeSouth

    and good luck getting escorting out of the talent pool…most professional escorts I have talked to wouldnt touch a porn performer with a ten foot pole…

  15. jilted

    I think there is something else that you have to consider when talking about ths subject of HIV infection. Here, we are talking about a very small subsection of people, sex workers, who work in a very specific industry,,,that also includes escorting on a large scale.

    It is not right to compare this specific group to the general population, and to attitudes or opinions in general about gay vs straight transmission of HIV. In the civilian world unprotected sex is like russian roulette with one bullet,,,in porn there are simply more bullets in the chamber. And when I say ‘porn’ I also include gay, straight, and escorts(both guys and girls)

    The porn/escort industry needs to deal with this in ways specific to their unique exposure to this problem. Regular education programs dont work in porn, that is why they have resorted to a Harm Reduction Program, a last resort, all else has failed program. And the circumstances that existed when this all else has failed program were put into place NO LONGER EXIST, and thus, this program is now an abject failure, as has been evidenced in the last two year.

    In this situation right now, the FSC has alreay admitted that PERFORMERS were exposed, and the testing system did not prevent any of these performers from being exposed. And the testing system did not prevent any of these performers from being infected. IF, again a big IF, no other EXPOSED performers were infected, then it had nothing to do with the testing system, it is just pure luck, and that is hardly a program for a multi billion dollar industry to rely on.

    @n24rc,,,I agree with alot of what you say. My only difference with you is that you appear to be speaking of HIV transmission out in the real world,,,where as the porn world is a completely different place. Yes, the disease doesnt know the difference, but the ultra risky behavior of so many people in a much smaller lets say “Fluidly bonded” community(lol) make the comparison like apples to oranges.

    There are lots of common denominators,,,cosigns,,,tangents etc. And yes, some are much more prevelent than others. The main one being the exact reason that the system in use today, that was created in 1999, is no longer effective.

  16. jilted

    The industry’s Harm Reduction Program can NEVER be considered successful. The fact that you have to resort to a HRP is in itself an admission of failure. A HRP prevents nothing. And another one of the major flaws in this particular HRP is that cheating, and skirting the system can only be detected AFTER the fact, after the damage is done. And then you have agents, and performers who dont care, and are willing to put others at such risk, it renders this OLD system useless.

    Today, the HRP is simply just a ‘better than nothing’ program. And it seems that performers are perfectly ok with that. Why the state of california is ok with that is another question. And it is better than nothing, but that hasnt PREVENTED a single person from being EXPOSED in this case now has it? Remember, the FSC has already admitted that performers were EXPOSED!!!

  17. LurkingReader


    That there is no law requiring testing is an erroneous myth easily disproven with the creation of PAW. Folks can blame 2004 all they want..fact is…OSHA would not have devoted a page on their site to ‘Adult Film Performers’ in 2004 unless they were covering the US of A ass if the 1998 WC went south for performer in absence of clearly defined labor agency response….

    OSHA was letting 1998 case play out but had to CYA in 2004 which = site page. Sharon Mitchell was a voice for over a decade re AIM’s humble beginnings and great successes…now ask yourself why…PAW that Margold (who was FSC in 1998) still publicly expresses pride for less than a year ago turned the mantle over to AIM and Sharon Mitchell in 1998?

  18. jilted

    In general, or today Danny. Think of it this way Danny. Do you really think that these people will put the health and welfare of porn performers above the almight dollar? Do you really think that the 8 or 9 members of LATATA are not having their cash cows out working? Do you think a performer who will have unprotected sex with 15 people in a week will have any qualms about working today because someone “out of state” might have HIV?

    Come on Danny, you know the answer, we all do.

  19. jilted

    There is no law mandating testng for porn performers in any state. If their is please cite it. OSHA’s adult performer page does not cite any law requiring pre employment screening/ OSHA laws mandate POST EXPOSURE testing, another part of the law routinely ignored by both the industry and OSHA. PAW no longer exists, and it was always simply a nothing organization.

  20. LurkingReader

    Go ahead folks and hang your hats on ‘crossover’ as cause & blame…might even work if all those STRAIGHT men looking for a down low adventure with a man that is isn’t a Gay (MSM) despite penetration (oral or anal) by a man with a man…limited his escort experiences to ‘not gay men escorts’ and his main event woman…ooops she isn’t the right to answer itch in his dick so he pulls up page and buys some anonymous means nothing sex with a porn performer cuz she is clean and tests every two weeks vs the nasty HO he saw at club who needs new titties before she’ll do his itchy dick any good.

    Of course he has no clue performers and their agents talk up great FSC protocol but seek work with companies willing to save $20 mandated by LATATA agents for 14 day testing. it looks like a big Fuck you FSC but is really a big FUCK YOU talent clients cuz your complaints about 2x monthly testing fees & FSC’s protocols don’t mean shit if were hooking ya up with work so we get our fees 🙂 we don’t care if we have to send you out (male or female) on two escort gigs for every paid porn content production as long as we get our fees 3/3 booked events/gigs.

  21. LurkingReader


    Would that answer be…FSC stakeholder porn content closed for three days but talent open for escorting & content exchanges open w/ 30 day test…get it while it hot? Sorta like Krispy Kreme ‘hot now’ neon window sign?

  22. mdxxx

    Gay Sex Spreads HIV. May not be the political correct things to say but it’s the truth. Science even backs it up.

    And to the person that said they test for STDs in gay porn please show me proof. I live in San Francisco, home to many gay porn websites, and have given these guys rides before for my rideshare company. They flat out tell me they don’t test and they think Truvada is going to prevent them all from getting HIV. Look it up.

    I sent MIke a whole email about the experience and if he wants to release it I give him 100% full permission.

  23. jilted

    They gay guys do test,,,,there is just no system keeping track of it. I know this because I personally, firsthand, made thousands of dollars when they tested at AIM, And I am sure that AIM is not the only place that anybody who does gay porn has ever been tested. The gay guys was also one of the main reasons that AIM had two seperate accounts with the lab, to keep the civilian, and gay results seperate, and not available on to those with a password. And MDXX, remember, the guy who said it is the guy who was there, in the eye of the storm, making a commission off of every single test. I know exactly what is going on, firsthand from being there, not talk in a taxi cab.

    Iguess I could say to you, Show me proof that they dont test? What type of proof do you want, my tax returns? And just exactly how do all the HIV+ gay performers know they are positive if they never get tested? LOL

  24. billyboy

    N24rc Obviously you are gay. Its ok to bow out gracefully after a rant such as yours. lol
    Mike has sources and he knows better to name drop at this time. There is a process with legal ramifications. Why is here something about cross over performers each time there is an outbreak ? there is a reason. Dam any directors and or agents who books cross overs and same goes for who they date. Ie Kacey Brooks comes to mind.

  25. n24rc

    Then you have to have condoms in porn if your talent pool is made up of high risk individuals.

    You have plenty of data and studies to show that escorts and prostitutes are one of the many populations susceptible to HIV. Gay or straight, male or female…those distinctions don’t matter when you have groups of people escorting on the side.

    With your articles and repeat mentions of these issues, it would suggest that the condom only policy would effectively address this issue.

  26. n24rc

    There are studios in the gay side of the industry that test their models and do not shoot scenes with HIV + men. One of them includes Randy Blue. They also happen to USE CONDOMS in all duo scenes as well. They are one of the safest studios around.

  27. n24rc

    I can think of one major incident where transmission occurred on a straight set. it was a straight performer who decided to shoot in south america without condoms, and infected a whole bunch of people. He created wide spread panic, and he didn’t shoot gay porn. None of what your saying is making any sense.

  28. n24rc

    No, science backs up that unprotected anal sex has higher risk percentages regardless of sexual orientation. Anal sex is not a gay phenomenon. You do see a lot of that going on in straight porn, don’t you? Your statements are a load of bullshit.

  29. n24rc

    The assumptions you make about the gay side of the industry leads me to believe you have experiences with it. Have you worked on a gay set or performed in gay porn? No? Please stop sharing, if not at all, flimsy secondhand knowledge of something you don’t know about.

  30. n24rc

    Gee, I would think that such statements that are volatile enough for legal ramifications means inherently that they are wrong to begin with. SO maybe he should keep his mouth shut on for other reasons outside of being ignorant.

  31. n24rc

    BTW, there is PLENTY of known straight talent who have started in gay porn – and to this day are still working HIV – and have not contributed to the issues at hand.

    I’d name the few guys to prove a major point, but I like to be compassionate enough to not air their dirty laundry. I’d like to think I’m a decent person like that.

    I also know it would fall on deaf ears with the many of republican and neo-conservative freepers who watch porn and visit this site to comment about gay porn and bisexuals. Of which, they have little to no contact with or have knowledge about.

  32. BT

    I may be wrong, but I do not believe there is science to back up the notion that somehow the male rectum is more susceptible to HIV from anal sex than the female rectum, any more than I don’t believe there is science to say that female veins are more susceptible to HIV from intravenous drug use than male veins. I believe what you have are two things: First, people are susceptible to HIV from anal sex because the tissue tears and bleed more easily than vaginas or mouths. The tear creates an easy path for the virus to enter the body. Second, there is a higher incidence of HIV in the gay population because HIV spread so prevalently in the gay population and anal sex is so much more prevalent in the gay population than in the hetero population. Add in recreational drugs and the feeling of invincibility among young promiscuous gay men and you create an environment where its more likely HIV is going to get passed around. But its got nothing to do with the physiology of gay men versus hetero women. I believe science will tell you that if you drop a virulent load in a woman’s ass, she’s as likely to get HIV as if you drop a virulent load in a gay man’s ass. It’s the anal sex that’s high risk, not the gender of the performer.

  33. MikeSouth

    well if I named my sources they would no longer be sources and that flies in the face of every ethical more I have…not to mention I gave my word so if you are holding your breath for me to name a source…prepare to go unconscious. That said I haven’t pressed for a name, I could absolutely find it out but as of now I am not interested because I havent had anyone calling me saying I am worried I worked with this person, I need to know blah blah. I always give the performer a chance to come forward on his/her own.

  34. mharris127

    I don’t think PASS is going anywhere anytime soon. I do believe their claim that they cut access to prevent information from getting out about the current HIV incident (which they should not have done IMO). However, I do think the PASS program will be phased out over the next couple of years as the talent and producers migrate to the far more private TTS system of VD test verification.

    For those new to adult, the “closed for remodeling” remark Jilted made above is in reference to the closing and bankruptcy of AIM (the former organization that provided VD testing and counseling services to the industry) where they claimed to be “closed for remodeling” for about two weeks in an attempt to buy time to find another testing lab after they were cut off from their lab provider due to them not paying their bill. As we all know now AIM never did find another lab provider willing to process their VD tests for them as their D&B report showed over $500K past due to Jilted’s lab, if I understand the bankruptcy documents some of it as far as six months past due at the time of AIM’s closure. Due to this issue other labs would not take AIM as a customer. An organization providing VD testing services needs a lab to process the tests, no lab means no way to conduct business for an organization like AIM.

  35. joeschmoe

    What about this hidden information about how you can get a Neg on an HIV test if your viral load is low enough. I know there is someone in the industry who gets Negatives if he were to test, and it is due to whatever drug cocktail he has been on for a long time. There are guys in the industry who HIV talk always looks at and so what about rumors they are doing that kind of regimen and testing Negative and continuing to do bareback straight scenes?

  36. jilted

    The FSC’s cries of privacy are actually pretty funny. Back in 2004 when AIM was pringing the entire Qlist, complete with names, dates of tests, and test results there was NOT ONE SINGLE claim pf privacy violation(except darren james who sued, and settled out of court)

    Not one single word from the FSC about privacy violations, but now that its their system privacy becomes a huge concern, And now they want to pawn it off to the performers,,,,,,,,Performers, you must pay for the tests yourself, and now the producers want the performers to also provide the access to their ‘availabiltiy’ system. Just like when AIM spent performers money to write IIPP plans for production companies…..performers pay for everything. Cant wait to see the stooges as APAC tackle this one. ONLY IN PORN

  37. billyboy

    N24rc, This is your words, and I quote “BTW, there is PLENTY of known straight talent who have started in gay porn”
    If this topic was not such a serious life changing event convo. I would start with a LMFAO..
    Let me digest this for a sec, Straight Male performers who started in Gay Porn huh ? what straight male could perform an act reserved for a gay or “Bi curious” male on his way to discovery he is in fact gay. On Film for the entire world to see this act. Whatever mind altering Hallucinative cocktail you ingested, I suggest you get off it ASAP and revert back to what you have said poised to a retraction
    Sometimes a few must sit by a road side and look at a rock and think and think.
    Look, those who perform in cross over scenes and gay male escorting must not be allowed on straight sets Period.
    Female talent should call their agents when alerts of a x over bandit is present on a set reserved for non gay porn
    Are Producers so cheap or broke having to hire these gay male and Tranny performers ? Then again most directors shoot 10 scenes or less a month so they have tons a time to twitter book drunkards and retards and yes x overs that $100 a scene same day pay desperado ticking time bomb X over with no $$ for that Truvada HIV stomper eh.
    I think for the most part Agents wont allow these types on sets. What agent with a bond who fears being blasted on this Site would pressure a female performer who calls in and wants to opt out of a shoot ?
    Those who just hate agents vote wont count on this one this time. So no sounding off with biased
    Just the facts.
    No X over on straight porn sets. Period
    Dont gay porn pay more anyways.

  38. billyboy

    Bull shit. He was Not straight. He was a Tranny F&$?er. There is nothing straight about this kind of act.
    You cannot apply a spin doctor twist on this one. He was not straight.
    In Brazil shooting Straight porn eh..?
    Again at the root cause of every HIV outbreak in the History of documented American related Porn, There is or was a common denominator in the mix.
    A Cross Over Gay bandit, Sneaking one in or up on others on a set , or he infected his Significant other and the rest we all know. Many examples or all cases is an example of this

  39. billyboy

    Yes we see a ton of straight Male Performers performing anal scenes with female performers all day and Night on a sustained basis for years.
    My God let it be a x over bandit sneaking one in because the dooche bag no name director drums up a talent with a dick even if he is not happy with it for a $50 same day paid scene and you will see some drunkard troubled gay kid’s name on a breaking story right here on this very board sooner or later.
    Imagine a World where Gay male performers just cant show up for a scene on s straight set, And like wise NO straight performers gets in on the otherside too.
    We just might see ten years without this News Breaking story titled “Another HIV blah blah”
    Then the industry can focus on crack heads who use needles showing up with track marks for a $250 anal BBBBGT, It would be a better porn world

  40. billyboy

    Because Its a another in line of many. Gay Male X over bandit and FSC approves of this Message. What Message ?
    Its Ok for x overs to pollute the straight talent pool.
    Also they have no intent on stopping this practice. So all they can do is cover it up and hope the controversy dies.

  41. mharris127

    Billy, four guys and a tranny running a train on some crackhead straight from the Rob Black News Studio and House of Ill Repute on Lankershim Blvd. would be interesting. However, I doubt you could find four guys and a tranny to run that train on a crackhead injection drug user. Even with Viagra et. al. the woman needs to be at least clean and somewhat attractive in order for these guys and tranny to get it up in the first place. I guess adult film will have to stick to tattooed “escorts” high on snortable, drinkable or swallowable drugs for the “dope fiends are sexy” crowd.

    I do agree that something needs to be done about crossover performers. I disagree with your solution, though. I think testing needs to become standard operating procedure on both sides of the biz with serosorting (HIV+ with other HIV+ performers, HIV- with other HIV- performers and no mixing of the two serosorted groups unless one becomes HIV+ later and would be cast as such in the future if it happens to a performer after a change of policy). Unlike some commenters here I don’t necessarily have a problem with bisexual performers working both sides of the industry. It is the lack of testing and control on the gay side that is concerning. Unfortunately there will be some (like Treasure Island Media and their “two hundred loads of HIV positive cum in a guy’s HIV negative asshole” shoots) that will flout the rules and those performers will need to be isolated from the rest of the industry. However, I think most of both sides of porn production could be convinced to test their talent for HIV and other VDs if it were explained logically and calmly to the producers and company owners that the only other option is for the likes of Weinfuck and Izzy (otherwise known as the Butt Fuck Without Lube Boys) to continue their campaign to run porn out of California (and later the whole USA).

  42. xposer4frauds

    Sure does, did you read of the lesbian HIV transmission? or did you miss that? Lesbians porn is gay porn also.

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