There Is Not A New HIV Positive Performer In The Talent Pool

There was an article in  the tabloids yesterday about the possibility of an HIV positive performer in the talent pool.  I can state with a very high degree of confidence that this is not true. The story that is being referenced broke recently but it is an old story.  There is nothing to be worried about on that incidence.

That is not to say that performers who do privates without condoms aren’t a problem, they are, but this story is very old and if it were true would have come to light a year or so ago.  Additionally I have spoken to at least 2 of the four performers mentioned that left the biz and none are HIV positive. So this story can safely be disregarded.


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  1. Karmafan

    If ya check out LIB there is an interesting story about Charlie Sheen being +HIV and fucking girls without telling them.

  2. rawalex

    Yup, interesting that Charlie Sheen is going to be on Today with an announcement of something very personal. Gotta wonder, right? He was banging so many porn chicks….

  3. mdxxx

    The HIV+ is Charlie Sheen and apparently he has known he is HIV+ for over a year now.

    How this affects the Adult Industry is anyones guess, but girls who are known to have slept with him should immediately be put on any blacklist there possibly is.

    I still in my heart of hearts believe that HIV is a disease spread by anal sex between males. But at the same time needle drugs and all that mess Sheen was mixed up in as well.

  4. Karmafan

    Supposedly One porn girl was paid a lot of money to keep quiet, she took the money and then sold the story to TMZ.

    LOL having your cake and eat it too I guess.

  5. LurkingReader

    Sheen is all over mainstream news promoting his appearance tomorrow with on the Today Show. If they aren’t saying he knew and didn’t tell they’re linking other sources that do.

    TMZ post says he isn’t announcing he has HIV he plans to defend not telling because he had undectable status.

  6. LurkingReader

    Fox411 is linking National Enquirer which says he paid hush money more than once. NE has stuff from his ex wife to personal assistant so one of them sold him out for a couple sheckles.

  7. LurkingReader


    HIV doesn’t know or care what gender the asshole is attached to in pursuit of homey cells to take up residence. Not saying Sheen had sex with men 🙂

  8. Toby

    I’ve seen the word tranny come up more than once. Also, if the source I read was accurate, he’s known he is HIV+ for four or five years.

  9. Karmafan

    He will go to jail for this. Fuck hundreds of women over last few years and did not tell them he is HIV+? For sure what life he has left will be spent @ the vaseline factory.

  10. mdxxx

    @karmafan I would be willing to bet a pretty penny he doesn’t serve anytime for this, even though he should. If this was a regular civilian doing this with a regular 9-5 job he/she would probably be looking at 5-10 years. Sheen has 10’s of millions of dollars. He will have the highest priced lawyers, be able to pay these girls off. He may end up going broke or brokeish when all is said and done, but I doubt he sees a minute in prison. Which sucks.

  11. joeschmoe

    to mdxxx

    You got to let go of that. Unprotected ANAL sex is a very high risk to transmit HIV. The flaw here, is plenty of hetro men and women engage in anal sex every day (especially porn of course). So, it really is not a “gay thing” anymore. It has been an “everyone thing” for over 2 decades.

    HIV is spread between two men, a man and woman, men women and TS, and every human combination in between. People of both genders and all sexual orientations carry HIV.

    And, then there is the whole other issue of sharing needles.

    Yes, one group has a higher percent than another, no question. That doesn’t mean you pin it all on one group and leave it at that. That is 1980’s Christian thinking.

    HIV belongs to all of us and we all have to do our diligence. The spread of HIV in Canada and US is on the low end and so most people are doing things right these days. Going back to thinking it only belongs to one group of people will lead to regression.

    Charlie has had sex with men, women, TS, and who knows what else….. pointless to try to pin it on anyone at this point. The important thing here is for all his partners to get diligent in their testing, active performers who are known to have partied with him should be put on NO lists, and those who quietly left the escorting scene after getting HIV from CHarlie should probably ask for more money in return for not pressing criminal charges. (might as well extort the guy for being so horrible about it all).

    Also a lesson to escorts who bareback celebrities for huge dollars… think more carefully about it.

  12. joeschmoe

    And I agree with mdxxx that there is no way Charlie sees jail time. He will pay off anyone who considers pressing criminal charges. Which is why I just advised anyone who he already has paid off for contracting HIV, should extort him for more. Why not!


    Charlie Sheen HIV rumors have been out there for quite some time. He did have a lot of TS in his days, however, it is unfair to pin it on that (although many will cry from the rooftops on that one). To be honest, with his lifestyle he probably will die sooner than whatever his life expectancy is with his HIV medications.

    What will be infuriating, is if he says he only “found out this year” or some nonsense like that to try to cover his ass.

  13. LurkingReader

    He isn’t going to jail. This is about him keeping his money. Cheaper to buy a campaign pushing to decriminalize ‘undetectable HIV’ which will be funded by tons of people with money to stop the extortion.

  14. LurkingReader

    Gonna pat myself on the back here

    Sheen says hes been released from prison 😉
    Hopefully, with what we are doing today, others may come forward and say, ‘Thanks, Charlie, for kicking the door open.’”

    On a side note ….timing is everything when he says he told all his partners. When it comes to HIV, HepC among others telling after the fact is not the same as before the fact as part of the partner negotiations.

    This story ain’t over

  15. Karmafan

    This guy fucked hundreds of porn star escorts and told every one before hand he was HIV+ and the girls STILL fucked him anyways? I just find that hard to believe.

  16. LurkingReader

    Iirc Sheen said he has HIV then said he has informed all his partners 😉 timing is everything.

    Read the LIB post you mentioned. If he had everyone sign a NDA before the fact it’s possible Charlie has HIV was somewhere in the fine print. What has me scratching my head is if NDA w arbitration clauses were his schtick then how did he wind up on the hook for millions being extorted from his kids futures? This story is like getting to the core of a moldy onion and stinks just as much.

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