Voodoo Goes On The Rampage Over A Mattress?


You have probably seen the story, I have been following it but it seemed a little off to me so I decided to do some checking into it.

Apparently it all started when Voodoo rented a trailer to a model  represented by Kevin at Type 9 Models, The model owed Voodoo some money and Kevin agreed to help recover, and did.

A couple of months later Voodoo came back to Kevin claiming the same model had destroyed a mattress before she left and wanted Kevin to help him recover for that, this time Kevin refused claiming Voodoo was over reaching and that Kevin was not a party to the landlord tenant relationship between Voodoo and the model.

The battle, fought mostly via twitter, expanded from Kevin to include Shy Love and Derreck Hay and LATATA in some sort of guilt by association idea.






6 Replies to “Voodoo Goes On The Rampage Over A Mattress?”

  1. richard373

    If I was Shy Derreck laugh way this clusterfuck. This such silly matter I do not see Shy or Derreck waisting there time respond to this. Goes prove that collecting what some owe you porn inusdrty is still hardiest job in porn indusrty. This is kind clusterfuck not suprise find Voodoo in. If goes court over this matter I think gone look like jackass over it.

  2. Toby

    Twitter Wars! Where grown adults turn back into adolescent teens right before your eyes.

    Twitter Wars! New reality series coming this Fall to a network near you. /sarcasm

  3. Toby

    Bob, most of us participate in multiple online forums. There are threads about Ron on ALL of them. Just because we haven’t posted here doesn’t mean we haven’t commented at all.

  4. MikeSouth

    EXACTLY Toby, I havent seen a bad thing written about Ronnie anywhere and there are LOTS of Ron Jeremy threads I didnt expect many posts on the Ronnie thread because I didnt ask for anyones thoughts or anything, just put out what I knew which is exactly what everyone else knows.

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