Does Stormy Daniels have a secret bigger than sex? Is there a secret love child?

Curious about something. Out of all the people Donald Trump has banged in the last 10 years, Escorts, Playboy chicks, pornstars — why is it so important that Stormy Daniels remains quiet?

The rumor is that  Stormy Danielle’s child was born about 9 months or so after she and Donald Trump broke up.

Have you seen the pictures of her baby? She looks just like Barron Trump when he was a baby.

Is this rumor true? Who the hell knows but that’s the story going around right now.

What do you think?

I can tell you one thing that’s odd. He’s fighting hard against her and yet doesn’t care about all the others who have been talking. So why Stormy?

He is so scared of what she has to say, he even just hired Hardin, the former Hulk Hogan sex tape lawyer, who brought down

Charles Harder announces the filing of a lawsuit against Gawker Media, brought in 2012 by Hulk

Trump’s track record shows that he is a serial philanderer, a liar and possibly an abuser of women. So why fight so hard to keep this one girl, out of all of them quiet?

What big secret could she have that is so damning? That’s what I want to know?

These are Trump’s 5 children we know of. Could Stormy’s child be the 6th? Is that really what all the fuss is about?

Donald Trump has slept with other porn stars. He’s slept with from what I heard a ton of chicks from Playboy. So why is this one porn star’s silence so important?


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