If the FSC Wins Who Will Exlain To Performers That They Now Have To Pay For AntiBiotic Shots Every Two Weeks, Whether They Need Them Or Not

I look at the FSC sheep testifying before Cal OSHA and I cant help but wonder how people who have obviously not read the FSC proposals can be so supportive….and so misinformed….

I think maybe the best thing OSHA could do is let the FSC win on their proposals….I don’t think Julia Ann (whom Ilike a lot) or Ela Darling are going to be very happy when they learn that now they have to pay for a shot of Doxycycline every two weeks if they want to work.

And I noted the harping about performers privacy…and citing poor Joanna Angel….ummm Joanna Angel is being fined by OSHA as a producer NOT a performer, her personal info became a matter of pu8blic record when she started her company, Corporate filings as well as 2257 info are public record, prop 60 has nothing to do with that.

Of course the FSC won’t win because as has been pointed out numerous times a state con not adopt a lower standard of safety than the federal standard and 560 and 160 (The FSC proposals) are MUCH lower.

Performers are simply too ignorant of what is really in the FSC standards, I mean I can’t imagine even the dumbest performers allowing themselves to be injected with a wide spectrum antibiotic every two weeks….much less paying for it out of their own pockets, but if The FSC is successful that is what will happen,  I’d love to see Eric LePew selling that ….

For Gods sake would y’all wake the hell up?

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  1. herculestheliger

    I have looked for a bit to find the press release from AHF and haven’t been able to find it. I was able to find a comment about it on AVN regarding the testimony Mike mentions.

    I checked the Cal/OSHA website to see if they had any press release about the fine. They don’t, or at least I wasn’t able to find it. However, I did find the Cal/OSHA press release regarding the James Deen fine, and Cal/OSHA uses his real name as the owner of the business while also mentioning his performer name. Source: http://www.dir.ca.gov/DIRNews/2016/2016-28.pdf.

    Mike, I think you’re wrong about the corporate filings here, at least the information contained in them. I checked the corporate information for Boy Racer in NY and CA.

    The NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database only lists the CEO, when one is named. From their site, “This office does not record information regarding the names and addresses of officers, shareholders or directors of nonprofessional corporations except the chief executive officer, if provided, which would be listed above. Professional corporations must include the name(s) and address(es) of the initial officers, directors, and shareholders in the initial certificate of incorporation, however this information is not recorded and only available by viewing the certificate.” The initial certificate is not available online, but a paper copy can be obtained.

    For CA, the entry only provides the name and address of the “Agent for Service of Process.”

    Joanna Angel is neither the CEO of Boy Racer Inc nor the “Agent for Service of Process” for Boy Racer Inc in CA.

  2. kedog

    I wonder why noone has noticed how bad an idea it is to get antibiotics every two weeks. Also doxy can interfere with hormonal birth control.

  3. Karmafan

    Maybe someone should ask a bunch of real Doctors if its OK to give antibiotics every 2 weeks to people that are not sick on the chance they might get sick? Do that and it will end this stupidity.

  4. Ivy

    That the FSC is proposing antibiotic shots for performers is so dangerous, it really pisses me off. I can barely even be articulate about it, without wanting to use expletives. If the industry thought the HIV situations were bad, they better buckle up. Pathetic. No hearts, no souls, just a bunch of pathetic people who are only out for themselves.

  5. herculestheliger

    I didn’t even bother addressing the biweekly antibiotic shot before because of the absurdity of it. Not only is it a terrible idea, but it would create a legitimate public safety concern if it was enacted and which would also justify government intervention. The overall result of such an approach will almost certainly – and very quickly – lead to drug-resistant strains of the exact same STIs that the adult film industry claims to be trying to prevent. Once those strains enter the general population, you have a public health crisis. And since the adult film industry is so fond of claiming that disease transmission always happens off-set, even their own argument implies that these drug-resistant strains will spill over into the general population.

    Even if the performers are immune from diseases [they aren’t], as some of Mike’s commenters like to say, there is still a huge public health concern due to non-filmed actions of adult film performers, whether it be through escorting or just plain off-camera and unpaid sex in one’s private life.

  6. MikeSouth

    I agree its a horrible idea for all the reasons yall mentioned and then some but it is the truth….a lot of porn chicks dont believe it…boy are they in for a rude awakening…..specially when it causes their birth control pills not to work…I just cant believe that anyone even people as dumb as The FSC think that this is a good idea…..I have more coming on it tomorrow including where the whole idea came from to begin with

  7. LurkingReader

    Trolled MikeSouth twitter and went to the doxycycline site. https://www.drugs.com/doxycycline.html

    Not mentioned there is the potential for nasty blistering sun poisoning from any antibiotic in the tetracycline family including doxycycline. As mike tweeted this isn’t a first choice antibiotic for anyone taking hormonal birth control. This is one of the antibiotics docs and pharmacists both do patient education for women of childbearing age….. to make sure they understand the bottle warning …reduces effectiveness of hormonal birth control use alternate means to prevent pregnancy.

    Wonder if doxy also reduces effectiveness of hormones used in the trans community…. something to look into.

    Doxy will also compound kidney/liver risks associated with HIV meds and/or PrEP. If you’re not too yellow add a few drinks to wash down some pain killers to see how long it takes to get that nice jaundiced hue.

    FSC is pushing the meningitis vaccine to pretend they are working with Cal/OSHA and care about performer health. If they cared they’d be shelling out $100- 150 for the vaccine.

    FSC puppets are spewing bullshit about no test for HPV. There is a HPV-DNA blood test that looks for antibodies. It’s mostly used to investigate head and neck cancers. There is also a brand new test by Roche to simplify the process when a OB/GYN grabs a smear for HPV when they do a pap-smear.

    Testing to identify cancer causing strains of HPV have been around since the 80’s when Brigham Women’s in Boston started following me for ten years to research outcomes for non-hpv cancer of the cervix. They still have a file to keep track of titanium chips marking the spot of every biopsy.

    No clue how much HPV testing would add to the FSC-PASs panel but it’s like Hepatitis A-B ….cheaper to vaccinate than buy ten tests. FSC doesn’t want to test for HPV cuz it would be documented proof …imagine porn cancer ala asbestos mesothelioma?

  8. phyllisha

    Medicating the whole industry is not the answer. Just suck it up put the stupid condom on, use every camera trick and then some to hide it and let’s move on. If prop 60 does not pass were being medicated by FSC. If it does pass, all it means is you’ll have to use the condom tricks to keep you from getting heavily fined and put out of business. Performer, producer, company owner or Distrubitor it doesn’t matter, after November everyone’s is screwed (except for wicked pictures that is) if you have to pick the lesser of the 2 evils. I pick yes on prop 60. Then things can be adjusted and mended if necessary and God for bid in the mean time we save a couple of performers from catching HIV.

    But this is me speaking personally, Phyllisha Anne. Not the Union however, they voted to stay neutral.

    If you would like proof of FSC proposal of medicating the industry I’ll email it to mike so he can post it.

  9. jilted

    Mike, there is documented, irrefutable proof of the rates of HPV in the industry. It is astonishing, and scarier than hell. The number of female performers who regularly test postive for HPV when they have routine pap smears done would boggle the minds of any health professional,
    Any time a woman has any ‘abonormal’ initial results on a routine pap smear, and HPV test is then automatically run, its called a ‘Reflex Test” Any form of HPV will indicate an abnormal result on a pap smear, then you REFLEX as in automatic response, and do an HPV test.
    The number of females tested in the adult industry in one month showed that over 85% YES 85% tested positive for at least one of the four strains of HPV most likely to cause cancer,,,,and of that 85%, over 90% tested positive for more than one of the four deadliest strains.
    Sorry folks, these are just the facts. HPV also causes throat cancer,,think of that girls when your scene partner pulls out of your snatch, or the snatch of the girl youre working with, and shoves it down your throat.
    Phyllisha, glad to see at least you have the guts to stand up,,,,looks like the union wants it both ways, that is to put producers concerns on par with performer concerns, if not above them.
    I have all the stats and all the medical records to back up everything I just said here. REMEMBER, I also had access to all those ‘other’ clinics that performers went to besides AIM.

  10. BT

    So much to say, so little time. We’ve all known that kid who is really smart and spends more time trying to get around doing homework assignments that it would be easier to just do what he’s supposed to do and get it done. But, alas, ain’t ever gonna happen.

    That’s what I think of when I think of porn and this issue. Condoms are already the law. OSHA is gonna crack down. So, does porn try to work with the authorities or figure out some way to comply? Nope.

    Instead, porn sues LA County and loses in a decision that is applicable outside of LA County.

    Loss in hand, some porn producers appeal OSHA decisions rather than comply and …. predictably ….. lose but keep on doin’ what they do.

    Now, they propose an action that is without question medically unsound and a risk to performer health, and probably illegal as a workplace requirement, and continue to fight a battle that they’re going to lose even if they win. What I mean is that even if they defeat Prop 60, they still have to deal with OSHA.

    Now, this is porn. Do I expect them to comply, regardless of what happens with Prop 60? Nope. Do I expect that any performer will bring a legal action if they’re required to take antibiotics? Nope.

    As I’ve said before, what’s going to nail porn is OSHA. If they ever decide to crack down, they’ll fine porn out of business.

  11. jilted

    And just exactly how does anyone plan on overseeing of the administration of these antibiotics? How does the union or apac feel about this.Why is the FSC making decisions about this, Why are producers, not talent, deciding what testing, and now drugs, performers must take before the will be hired? ONLY IN PORN

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