If The Election Were Today Prop 60 Would Pass


I have to admit that even I was a bit surprised at this one, almost everyone has come out against Prop 60.  I am on record as supportive but admittedly my support is soft, you don’t see any yes on prop 60 stickers on my social media accounts.

I do understand that it gives Weinstein carte blanche to recoup his money if Cal OSHA fails to investigate complaints and truth is I don’t blame him, we have had years to come up with a solution to the STD problem in porn and our solution has been…ignore it and claim it wasn’t our fault.

Despite the articles you have read in the porn press that make it sound otherwise, both parties and almost every major publication is on record as saying that Porn Valley should be using condoms.

And I think therein lies a part of the problem, The FSC has been quick to frame this as a condom law, and it appears that is exactly how the voting public is reading it.

Now the other problem is that the people in porn want you to believe that they are against this law but the truth is that less than one in ten will vote it down.


You read that right, less than one in ten performers will vote against Prop 60.  All of those people on twitter that you see flying the No on Prop 60 graphic just isn’t enough, they actually have to go out and register to vote, then actually go to the voting booth and cast the vote.  Less than one in ten actually will.  I’m told that most of the people who are the most vocal about this aren’t even registered to vote, and yes, I believe it.

Ideally we wouldn’t need Prop 60, we would take care of our performers, but that clearly isn’t the case, nor will it be.  Sine we do seem to need something it would have been better if it simply cleared the path for performers to easily sue for required testing, and medical care.  As I pointed out I do understand AHF wanting to recoup money they spend taking care of our performers, but pass or fail condoms in porn are a reality.

A LOT of companys have paid OSHA fines this year, One has paid over 75,000, another has been fined, so have many others…The only ones who haven’t been fined seem to be the ones using condoms, like Porno Dan and Wicked.  I don’t see this trend stopping…matter of fact I see it increasing.  After all that fine paid for example paints a big target on his back to get another one, and they will increase with every fine because he is seen as a serial violater.

Efforts by The FSC to replace the condom requirement with Pre exposure prophylaxis has been shot down by OSHA already and even though it has been appealed there is NO chance that OSHA is going to put it’s seal of approval on a regular anti-biotic shot to prevent STIs.  The FSC may have tried to back pedal when I shined a light on that but it is all there in black and white.



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  1. jilted

    Even if every single person involved in the porn business in any way, from camera man, towel boy, performer, or producer voted, it would be an insignificant drop in the bucket of total voters. And it doen’t matter if prop 60 passes, OSHA 5193.1 will remain the law of the land.

  2. MikeSouth

    you are absolutely correct of course but my point is that all of these people who are so incensed and worked up over prop 60 that somehow think getting a no on prop 60 avatar from Julia Ann is somehow fighting the good fight. It’s your typical porn chick (and guy)…They are delusional enough to think that they can use their fame to influence people, when the truth is their fame is mostly in their heads…same place as the delusion that they are in any way affecting (or is it effecting I always wonder if I got that one right) the outcome of the vote.

    Ya gotta admit it is amusing though….

    I haven’t perused the voter registrations but how sad would it be if Julia Ann wasn’t registered? Personally i think she is but there are others I KNOW are not.

    Another funny tidbit was a company today that tweeted that if prop 60 passes adult sites will block anyone from California….LOL SMFH!

    And people wonder why porn people lack credibility…..

  3. Karmafan

    Fame mostly works well in your favor when you are a nationally known politician. Otherwise fame only gets you a better seat at a restaurant.

  4. BT

    I think the following is a telling comment. “A LOT of companys have paid OSHA fines this year, James Dean has paid over 75,000, Johanna Angel has been fined, so have many others…” Think about the royalty thing – people are arguing that producers have no money to pay residuals to performers but they have $75,000 to pay fines – and to keep operating in the same manner risking another $75,000 fine?

    Porn is like the kid who spends 2 hours coming up with excuses for not doing 30 minutes worth of work.

  5. LurkingReader

    California and NY have more industry and labor regulations than Carter had liver pills. Registered voters whose jobs are on the line if they don’t follow work safety will vote yes for this.

    Privacy arguments go out the window when the camera strips away the bedroom door & window curtains. Business owners privacy is protected via business structure. Very few people regret consulting a qualified attorney to avoid issues down the line while many people with business issues wish they’d invested in sound legal advice because it would have saved them much more than fixing their issues.

  6. P

    James Deen hasn’t paid anything yet. He’s challenging the citation and had a preliminary hearing that was to have taken place a week ago.

    Most Cal/OSHA fines go through the settlement process and result in lower amounts, if any. You don’t ever just pay the fine.

    I doubt Joanna Angel has paid anything yet either. It’s cheaper and smarter to hire an attorney and go through the post-citation process.

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