Have You Been Solicited For An AVN Award?

It’s that time of year again and I want to take a moment to address something very ugly that has been happening.

In the past years girls have been solicited for sex acts in exchange for AVN Award nominations and or votes.  It all came to a head last year when two of the girls who were assured Best New Starlet by the same guy found out about each other and came to me.

The person who does it seems to favor the best new actress category because usually the girls arent savvy enough to know better.

If you are solicited by anyone affiliated with AVN to exchange sexual favors for votes, nominations or anything else first know that the person doing that can’t guarantee you the win and second that if he will fuck you over in this manner he has done it to others as well.

If this happens to you I want to know about it.  You may remain anonymous like the girls last year, I will not out you unless you want to be on the record.

I am in your corner on this one, particularly if the person and the pattern matches last year.  Thanks and good luck to you all.


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