AVN and XBiz are Incompetent

Someone splain to me will ya?

yesterday i ran a statement from Assemblyman Isadore Hall on this blog.  AVN ignored it, XBiz ignored it.  But They both ran a rebuttal to it.  tell me Helmy, how exactly do  you run Diane Dukes rebuttal to a statement you never ran?  Maybe it’s because you didn’t get it? Most likely you’d have had to credit me for it wouldn’t you….Haha can’t have that.

AVN did the same thing with Mark Kernes.

What the people over at XBiz and AVN don’t get is that when they do that, all they do is point out their shortcomings.  I mean here I am, one guy sitting three thousand miles away from the epicenter of this and people in the business come here, to my blog to get the truth.

AVN and XBiz in turn run a rah rah press release that’s loaded with bullshit.

I wish I had the resources to cover everything that’s on my radar, I would make them look more incompetent than I already do.

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