Tempe, AZ – YNOT Events is pleased to announce YNOT Reunion, an all-new business-to-business networking event for 2022. This debut event will run April 8th – 10th with its ‘home base’ of operations at the popular Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe, Arizona. It will feature a fun and relaxing schedule that takes full advantage of the surrounding Phoenix area, which is well-known for its beautiful springtime weather.


Designed to maximize outdoor, open-air activities for participants, the Reunion is an invite only B2B event with a chill atmosphere and ample opportunities for vetted adult business owners, company executives and service professionals to mingle, cut new deals and hang out with old friends.

YNOT is pleased to share it has already secured CCBILL as a sponsor for the event, with additional sponsor announcements coming soon.

“For many years we gathered every spring in Tempe, a trend that unfortunately stopped after 2019,” says Connor Young, CEO of YNOT. “Truth is a lot of us are missing the Phoenix area, so we are organizing this get-together for our industry friends who want to spend a couple days hanging out in the sun, catching up and talking business. We’re thrilled to have CCBILL on board as the very first sponsor of  this Reunion and we’d like to thank Ron and his entire team for being so supportive of our vision.”

Jeff Adams, VP of Sales at CCBill, says the company is thrilled to be a part of YNOT Reunion and excited for the opportunity to gather with industry executives and business owners in Arizona.

“All of us at CCBill are incredibly honored for the opportunity to help sponsor and participate in the upcoming YNOT Reunion weekend, here in Phoenix,” says Adams.  “As a long-standing, Arizona-based billing company, we can’t wait to welcome and reconnect with all our industry friends and colleagues here in the Valley of the Sun for a one-of-a-kind relaxing and fun networking experience this coming April.”

The full schedule of planned activities at YNOT Reunion will be published soon, and YNOT will email updates about the gathering to its YNOT Events Newsletter subscribers. All participants must be registered to attend any sponsored activities and interested parties can contact YNOT to request a registration code.

“A huge thank you to all the companies who have expressed a desire to attend this Reunion, our industry is the best and we’re looking forward to hanging out in April,” says Jay Kopita, President of YNOT. “Obviously space is limited due to the nature of this unique event, so only verified industry professionals will be invited to join us. If you’d like to be one of them, or if you’re interested in sponsoring some activities in Tempe, reach out to me directly or to YNOT through our contact form.”

To subscribe to the Events newsletter, visit the newsletter signup page on Individuals with registration codes can lock in their participation through the Eventbrite page for YNOT Reunion.

By Dennis Taylor

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Dennis Taylor is a freelancer writer and regular contributor to YNOT. He’s a tech enthusiast and amateur coder who occasionally offers his unwelcome opinions on politics and religion.

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