How An Experience with A Cam Girl Helped Shape My Own Sex Life

My girlfriend and I have been steady for almost three months and so far, the sex has been consistent, but vanilla. We always seem to start off with routine foreplay which inevitably ends up in the two of us banging missionary style. She seems to prefer it when I am on top.

For the longest time, I was (more or less) ok with it all but found myself wondering more and more about other ways to have fun and make out. To be honest, I have fantasized a lot about having hardcore anal sex and how to go about it. And as many sexually curious newbies probably do, I turned to popular live chat sites for answers and/or candid advice.

Try Online in Private Video Chat / Get It Right When It Counts!

I checked out both the paid and free chat sites, and then focused on the ones that offered the best niche and fetish rooms, as well as private shows with cam 2 cam. This one submissive babe thought it quite funny when I started asking questions. But the more time I spent in discreet chat, the stronger the trust grew between us. She could tell that I was an amateur with genuine interest, and not just a dick jerking her around.

In private, she became my consummate ‘how to’ anal sex guide. And with interactive webcams, my teacher was able to expertly show me what happens: before, during and after.

At first, I was nervous during our private sessions and felt a bit awkward. But after a while I became more comfortable with the setup; and at ease talking with the babe in 2-way video chat. I especially appreciated that the cam girl had dildos smaller in girth – to match my average sized cock. Not only was the model truly compliant and patient, but she also shared with me some insights and personal tips.

Take It in the Tush? Workable Approaches & Favorable Outcomes

For some, anal sex is the whipped cream ‘n toppings of a sexual sundae; making something way better than what was already very satisfying. For others, bum sex is more like eating oysters: exotic, worth a try, but completely not in their norm.

  • Try anal training. If you have concerns about tearing or pain you can use fingers, butt plugs or anal beads, before levelling up to full blown anal sex. If your partner can handle a dildo in the rectum – then they are sure as hell ready for penis insertion.
  • Lube, lube and more lube. The anus does not self-lubricate the same way the vagina does. To keep things sliding nice and smooth, lubrication creams become an absolute must! When buying, make sure that your product is suitable for wearing condoms or using a silicone penis-shaped sex toy.
  • Use the ‘talk and listen’ method. When it comes down to it, let your partner communicate how she feels about doing it doggy style. And during sex, stop if something does not feel quite right!

My experiences with a cam girl boosted my confidence, making it easier to approach my lady for anal sex. From knowing absolutely zero, I now had the right kind of ‘know-how’ to make our first time as successful as can be. I soon discovered that I was not the only one exploring and experimenting online, as little did I know she has her favorite adult webcam sites too.

My girlfriend not only likes it up the ass, she loves it!

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How An Experience with A Cam Girl Helped Shape My Own Sex Life

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