Are You a New Sex Cam User? Here are 5 Tips to Help You!

Starting to use a sex cam? If so, congratulations. Sex cams are an amazing way to enjoy time with a partner.

They add much to a relationship. They work well if you’re passionate about your significant other. So they’re excellent for long distance relationships!

Also, they’re suitable for hookups. That is, they add tons of excitement for both ends!


If you’re a first time user, you need some guidance. Because a live sex chat needs some preparation….

And obviously, you need some info on having sex online with a web camera.

For that, keep reading. We’ll discuss 5 tips to guide you!

#1 – Keep Your Device Safe.

Sex online with web a camera has its dangers. This applies specifically to women…

For starters, you should watch out for “unauthorized recording.” That is, if you stream online, make sure no 3rd party is shooting videos…

This can happen if malicious software gets installed on your computer – like a keylogger.

What Do Keyloggers Do?

They record what you type and send them to third parties. But some take screenshots and videos too

And guess what ends up happening with those recording? They get used for blackmailing.

For that reason, you must keep your device safe. You need an anti-virus that scans for hacking software at all times.

Plus, make sure you “NEVER download” anything from a sex cam site – unless it’s trusted.

Alright – Security Aside…

Let’s move on to the next tip!

#2 – Get a High-Quality Camera.

Here’s a fact. No one wants to watch low quality sex acts…

For that, anyone can watch cheap vids on a porn site.

All live sex chat is done with excellent equipment. And this means high megapixels and excellent resolution…

Plus, don’t forget the microphones. Because sounds are a part of the experience too!

Wait – How Much Camera Quality?

Strive for at least 12MP. And you need a resolution that fits well on large screen TVs.

We know, those are big requirements. But they’re easy to fulfill. However, you can drop your standards a bit, if you’re streaming to a long-term partner!

Can I Use a Smartphone Camera?

Yes, if it’s quality.

This is also slightly encouraged if you’re moving the camera a lot.  That is, assuming you’re “zooming in/out” different parts of your body.

#3 – Get in Shape.

A good camera isn’t enough. You need to be attractive too!

Otherwise, what’s your selling point? Who would want to enjoy you if you’re not in peak condition?

In a sense – getting fit is a requirement.

And Look at it This Way…

Many people get fit to be attractive.

They do it for the sex market. So why not make sex cams an additional incentive?

Make it a goal to enjoy. And use that to get in shape!

#4 – Find the Right Sites.

This tip applies to all types of users.

Whether you be a model or viewer, you need a good venue. You need a location to stream safely or a location to watch real people…

This is vital for men, who need to find real webcam girls…

Here’s the Reality.

There are 2 types of live sex cam sites.

Some are free, and others are paid. And those that are free obviously have more competition over the girls…

That is – you can’t enjoy a sex cam girl for yourself.

So sometimes, you’ll need to use a paid site. You’ll need to pay for their time and energy!

But it’s worth it. That way, you’ll find real webcam girls worth the enjoyment!

#5 – Remember: You Can Enjoy it Alone.

This tip applies more to long-term relationships.

You don’t need to use a streaming website. In fact, you can get everything done using a private service!

Something like Skype is effective enough. You can use it to stream in quality, and you can do so real-time!

Plus – isn’t it a safer option overall?

Time to Start.

The previous tips mentioned some setups you need.

They’re easy to apply, and they’re cheap enough. Plus, depending on your goals, you might not even need them!

So be sure to find a good sex cam website, and start your fun now!


467630cookie-checkAre You a New Sex Cam User? Here are 5 Tips to Help You!

Are You a New Sex Cam User? Here are 5 Tips to Help You!

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