Adea hates being Trans!The Dildos of consequences rarely ever arrives lubed

Adea Danielle is a popular Canadian social media influencer renowned for her inspiring and engaging content.

Well this time the post-OP found Himself herself, all caught up in a public backlash recently.  Adea’s true gender identity was accidentally exposed to her fans. 

Adea goes on to say, She regrets having a Vagina now, and it was not worth it because boys don’t know what to do with it.

Hey Bro I mean, Hey Girl before you speak too loud, Try having monthly periods, childbearing, and yeast infections treatments, and be grateful for who you are now. Respect other trans folks who don’t necessarily have it so easy. Be a better girl. But do tell. Make sure you are not too judgmental yourself 

Adea Please stop giving Trans people a bad rap, Things are getting so much better these days. Stop raining on the Parade and pride day of LBGTQ  folks already



Adea, who identifies as a trans, had not publicly disclosed his her gender identity for fear of ostracizing fans.

However, when someone posted a picture of  Adea Danielle, which inadvertently revealed his gender identity, Adea’s community was enraged that he had not disclosed his identity to them.

What B#!L$ or “the lack thereof”, She was shocked by this?

Adea! Hey girl Some people want gender surgery and cant afford it. Be grateful and get off the painkillers, last thing you want is to be a customer of Big Pharma for life

Adea Danielle was in shock, as the community accused her of being, unauthentic and deceiving her audience. Left with some accusing Ms Danielle of being a fraud. This controversy caused a huge stir amongst Adea’s followers, therefore the influence on the platform was greatly diminished.

Just When things are progressing for the LGBTQ community, Adea’s words set the clock back decades

The scandal sparked intense debate about the responsibilities of social media influencers and the lack of disclosure around gender identity. Adea’s fans, who had felt betrayed by the lack of transparency, Vast amounts of her followers demanded that the influencer community, be open and honest about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Hey Adea Danielle! Attend next year’s Pride events and get out more. It’s 2023, its Ok

At the same time, some members of Adea’s fan base argued that their loyalty and support were unconditional and that Adea’s fans should not be so quick to judge her for his decision to remain quiet about her true gender identity

“[Online] guys often comment ‘Oh you’re lying to men’ but then how can they say I’m lying if I present myself as a woman?

“They’re basically saying I’m a man.”

Growing up, Adea recalls dressing in her mum’s clothes and wanting to play with her sister’s toys and believes her family knew she was “different.”

While her mum was very accepting, her dad wasn’t on board at first – but she said now, he’s her biggest supporter.

Hope she makes it ok, and doesn’t become a client of Big Pharma for life with another demon to tackle. Sobriety is really great 



745441cookie-checkAdea hates being Trans!The Dildos of consequences rarely ever arrives lubed

Adea hates being Trans!The Dildos of consequences rarely ever arrives lubed

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