The Strange Case of the American Brothel and the German Actor

Everything is not as it seems at the famous Pahrump, NV legal brothel

As a former independent sex worker, that occasionally dipped her toes into the Nevada brothel scene, I often visit the various brothel websites, to keep tabs on former colleagues and stay up-to-date ,on the only places in the United States where prostitution can be practiced legally.

Recently, I discovered a page on one brothel website that caught my attention. It contained biographical information about the owners of Sheri’s Ranch, a brothel north of Las Vegas.


web page capture


One of the owners was listed as “David M. Frank” along with an accompanying photo of an utterly gorgeous fellow.  So, being the libidinous vixen I am, I looked him up with the intent of learning more about this handsome, and most likely wealthy, brothel mogul.


Interestingly, the title and address of the webpage,, make no reference to Mr. Frank.


The Two Davids

I conducted a search for “David M. Frank” in Google and found an American composer, an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology professor, a real estate and finance expert, and a dude with that name that acted in the original 1973 Westworld movie.  Since none of these gents had accompanying photos that displayed the rugged good looks of my new crush, I decided to try a reverse photo lookup on the brothel owner’s portrait.

What I discovered shocked me.

The picture is actually of an handsome German actor, Raphael Schneider, who, as far as I can tell, didn’t go by any other name and very likely doesn’t own a brothel in Nye County, NV.   Hmm…

The is NOT Sheri's Ranch owner David M. Frank
A Google Image search result that demonstrates that the photograph on the Sheri’s Ranch website is not of Sheri’s owner David. M. Frank


Incidentally, the other brothel owner listed, and pictured, on the webpage is Chuck Lee.  I am not quite sure where the contact email address provided for Mr. Lee leads, because Lee is no longer involved with Sheri’s Ranch, having passed away in 2018.

Charles “Chuck ” Lee obituary

According to his obituary and other resources available online, Lee is interred at Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City.  Their website site has a handy “find a grave” tool which details where Lee was laid to rest.

However, I recently visited the cemetery to pay my respects, and, curiously, not only is Lee not where they say he is, no one. is.  There is no grave site at the specified location in the section they where news sources indicate he was laid to rest.

I took this lovely photo of the cemetery map instead.


A mystery inside an enigma, German Actor

So we now have at least one mystery on our hands: Why would a brothel use a picture of a German actor as the photo of one of its owners?  Is Raphael Schneider in on the ruse — meaning, did the actor give permission to Sheri’s Ranch to use his likeness to deceive web viewers?

Most importantly, why the heck would a brothel go to these lengths, inept as they may be, to trick web visitors?  Does brothel owner “David M. Frank” actually exist and, if so, who is he?


More to come as I investigate this bizarre and intriguing revelation . . . .


If any past or present Sheri’s employees / independent contractors have any recollections they would like to share, please comment below.


— Sandy

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The Strange Case of the American Brothel and the German Actor

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