Vina Sky toplines ‘Inflight Entertainment’ from VR Bangers

Flying from one side of the country to another can be really exhausting, and with all the unpleasantness like the jet lag and spending many hours in a rather uncomfortable chair, it is actually quite understandable if you are not the biggest fan of flying – it turns out, though, that in the end there are some positive sides of this method of transport. What do we mean by that? Well… who would not want to fuck a sexy stewardess?

Having sex with a flight attendant is undeniably one of the most common fantasies that men have, at the same time being one of the most dangerous ones – it is, in the end, quite easy to be accused of molesting after just looking on a hot hostess in an inappropriate way. One of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, have decided to grab this idea and put it inside of their safe and risk-free virtual reality environment – introducing the Inflight Entertainment VR porn movie with Vina Sky, the scene that should once and for all change your mind about flying a plane.

“Banging a stewardess is one of the most popular fantasies that males have – and maybe even the most favored one,” says Alex Nash, the Producer of VR Bangers. “We were so sure of that, that we had to eventually come up with a VR porn fantasy devoted entirely to this thought – and so we did in the Inflight Entertainment with incredibly talented Vina Sky. And no, we did not pick the girl because of her surname – we chose her because of her epic skills!”

In the latest 6K UHD VR porn movie from these premium producers, beautiful Vina Sky will become a fuck buddy of every member of the VR Bangers’ family, visiting his room to redo the last cloud-capped fucking that they had. The girl will be incredibly horny and sheliterally flew half of the country to fulfill her sexual fantasies today – it might be a great challenge for the followers of the studio to keep up her pace and give her what she wants tonight.

“Inside of this VR porn fantasy, Vina will be looking for a ‘round two’ of some hardcore fucking, as she has already managed to fuck our guy before,” Nash explains. “She liked his dick so much, though, that even though she is a beautiful and charming woman who could have pretty much any cock that she wanted to, she chose to fly all the way to him, hence finally releasing her sexual tension and fucking his brains out in front of our virtual reality camera. The story is really energetic and full of fast-paced banging, so we are sure that our fans are going to love it!”

Go here if you would like to watch this VR porn movie and see how horny Vina really is in 6K UHD, or here if you are interested in other VR Bangers’ movies – there’s over 200 of them to choose from!

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Vina Sky toplines ‘Inflight Entertainment’ from VR Bangers

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