Isabelle Deltore in ‘Roommates Share Secrets’ for VR Bangers

It can be cool to have a roommate, and in the’Roommates Share Secrets’ VR porn video, viewers can have the best (and sexiest) roommate of their lives.

Having a kinky roommate is a common scenario among porn fantasies, and Virtual Reality Bangers (VR Bangers), along with Isabelle Deltore, have decided to show all their members how awesome it could be to have her as a VR flatmate.

“As it turns out, most of us had a roomie at least once in our lives,” says Alex Nash, the producer of VR Bangers. “Perhaps you do not have a brother or sister, and you have never been living in a frat house of boarding school, but it is highly possibly that you went to a summer camp or grouping at some point of your being, meaning that you had to, at least for few days, live with someone in one room. And what if it turned out that the person is a horny and sexy VR pornstar? What would you do? That is exactly the question that fueled this newest VR porn movie of ours.”

Since within this VR porn fantasy, Isabelle will not become the viewer’s girlfriend, prefering to remain merely a roommate, getting into her panties is not going to be that easy. Fortunately, VR Bangers took care of things, giving members an opportunity to effectively fuck her behind her BF’s back.

“It is gonna take some effort to fuck Isabelle inside of this VR porn movie,” Nash explains. “We do like to make our virtual reality adult movies somehow realistic, and fucking your roomie no matter how slutty she is, and whether she is a VR pornstar or not, would never be easy. Since I do not want to spoil the fun for our followers, let’s just say that every viewer of this scene will have to make a very profitable bargain with the girl — and she is the one who is going to pay with something else than cash.”

Watch the ‘Roommates Share Secrets’ VR porn movie in 3D 180° anytime by clicking here. View other VR Bangers productions in HD, 4K or 6K UHD via the main page here.

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Isabelle Deltore in ‘Roommates Share Secrets’ for VR Bangers

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