What Asia Carrera Looks Like Today


From AsiasBulletin.com:

“Some of you have been asking me to post a current pic. Ok, you asked for it – here I am, the soccer mom, 35 pounds heavier than her heyday. Sexy, huh? LOL!! I gained all that weight in just a few months of depression after I had Devin and lost Don. It’s proving much harder to get rid of than it was to gain it, surprise surprise. Oh well. My first priority these days is being a good mommy, not looking centerfold-perfect in a bikini. If my kids are happy, I’m happy!

p.s. Doesn’t Devin look just like me? HAHAHAHA!!

R.I.P. Donald E Lemmon, Jr.Beloved Father and Husband
9/4/68 – 6/10/06”

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What Asia Carrera Looks Like Today

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