Sometimes, Removing The Jew Can Be A Bad Thing

I don’t claim to be an expert on Jewish chicks. I’ve been an honorary “Friend of Israel” a few times, and I can’t even tell you how it happened really because I’m not even Jewish. It’s probably because I’m one of the only guys in LA to walk into a room without ego a’ blazing. I think your average big titted Jewess industry climber actually considers a guy like me to be a challenge. Why am I telling you this shit? I should be sitting in front of a hope chest wearing pink bootie socks while writing in a diary.

Anyway, my latest mainstream Jewcy desire, 22 year old Disney contract star Ashley Tisdale, got some bad career advice recently and got a nose job that will no doubt end her young acting career before it even takes off.


Ashley Tisdale

And after…

Ashley Tisdale post

It’s not like she had the quintessential money lending power Jew beak to begin with. I could understand maybe undergoing a mild scrape if she was hellbent on ethnically cleansing herself, but that after photo looks more like Vera the waitress from the TV show “Alice” than a young up and coming starlet. Who the fuck told this kid that she had to get her nose fixed in the first place??? Look at Julia Roberts. She has a jawline like a greyhound, and see how successful her annoying publicist generated career has become.

The moral of the story is, a little ethnic in your look isn’t a bad thing. Unless we’re talking about Puerto Ricans…

21120cookie-checkSometimes, Removing The Jew Can Be A Bad Thing

Sometimes, Removing The Jew Can Be A Bad Thing

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