Being Single Rocks So Make The Most of It!

There is often a stigma associated to being single, and it makes sense when we look at most societal values. Most people get brought up to find a job and get married; that’s a simpler way to put it, and going against that grain can really leave some of singles feel like we do not fit in the system. But as true as this may be, there are actually a lot of good things of being single; and it’s not necessarily about having fun and being a bachelor all our lives neither.

More flexibility – When you are not in a relationship, you are basically following your own orders. This means you can go in and out as you please, with no other half dictating your timetable for you. This is how a lot of geniuses and famous people managed to get so much work done. They didn’t have to worry about wasting any time in the dynamics of coupling, leaving them with more time to get some serious work done.

More adventures – Of course being single makes you available for casual dating, there is no point hiding it. Rather than being stuck to the one partner, you can just be looking for a naughty date, or even go from one partner over to the other without a care in the world. This doesn’t mean that you can just sleep with everybody but as long as you’re honest about your intentions, you can get laid a lot if you set of bit of time aside for it.

More travelling – Let’s face it, there is nothing holding you down either than your job. Since you don’t have a wife or kids, it is easier to either get transferred or simply find a job somewhere else. You can move from one country to the next until you get bored and you move on again. You might as well make the most of that because travelling does get harder when you’re a whole family!

More time to focus on your success – This is especially true for the more entrepreneurial people out there. Working for yourself in today’s world means putting in 80+ hours a week, that’s the reality of it all. It is because of such working hours that self-employed people often have a hard time balancing their family life with their work life. Don’t get us wrong, 80+ hours a week doesn’t leave anyone much time, single or not. But at least you might be able to take a break once in a while without having to feel guilty for missing out on your family duties.

More risks taken – Naturally it almost goes without saying that because you don’t have as many people dependant on you then you can venture out and take more risks. Whether you might enjoy dangerous extreme sports or you even have a highly dangerous profession (being a soldier or an MMA fighter for example); the fact that you’re single can give you that extra edge over you colleagues or competitors.

To sum it there are a lot of possibilities, and one can live a single but fulfilling life, It’s just a question of perspective, and what you do with what you got.


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Being Single Rocks So Make The Most of It!

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