Relax! Just Do It … When You Want To Come!

It’s funny how many people freak out before a date. Anxiety is a bitch. But the one thing you really need to do is just relax, especially if you are about to go on a sex date, from one of those hookup sites.

Sex dating is fun, it is all about having a good easy time with another adult who just wants the same thing you do: good honest sex. Adult dating sites have flourished at every corner of the internet and there is now no shortage of places we can go to meet other sexual partners. It all sounds easy and fun, and it is, but this doesn’t mean that a sex date is all bagged and in the pocket, as such you still need to be able to handle it. Some of us think it’s that simple, but when we get down to the business then, our nerves start acting up, making it sometimes impossible to get the necessary levels of arousal required for the act. So here are a few tips to get relaxed and ready for a sex date.

Sports and Meditation

Nothing clears your mind and body like a bit of exercise and activity. Instead of sitting down, waiting nervously, and overthinking about things, just go out on a walk, a run or even a swim and take your mind off things. Don’t overdo the exercise, as you will need to keep some strength for your sex date, but some exercise or meditation will bring you to a more relaxed place where you have better control over your body and your mind.

Pre-date masturbation

So this might be a bit weird to start but hear us out. Some of us get nervous in the sort of way that makes us come slightly too early. It happens to those of us who don’t get laid often, and it begins to become a real fear which actually stops us from being aroused before the act. A bit of pre-date masturbation will calm those nerves and will help later as you aren’t walking into that sex date with too heavily loaded guns. Heck, you can even do a bit of dirty chat on My Sex Hookups. Let go of some before your date, but not too close to the date if you still want to get it working.

Communicate Your Feelings

It’s really okay to be nervous, and anyone meeting a stranger for sex should be. But instead of just feeling it, why don’t you just express it to your date. Tell them you are nervous, and they will do their best to support you. You will probably find out they are nervous themselves, so the two of you are in the same situation. This could actually bring you closer as the both of you work around each other’s feelings. Nerves are like a bottle of wine: you can keep them locked in, but sooner or later, you will have to open that bottle.

Calming Conditions

Where you meet your date can also have a direct effect on your nerves. If you want to feel relaxed, then why not meet up in a public place that you are familiar with and enjoy going to. That sense of familiarity will make you feel less out of place, and you will, therefore, be more comfortable and relaxed. Also, having a couple of drinks with your date can help to reduce your inhibitions, but don’t overdo it, as you still need all your head and your body together.

Accept Rejection

Fear of rejection is what makes most people nervous. It is not the fear of meeting someone, but the fear that they will turn us down after that date. Don’t think negatively, you’re dating for a positive outcome. Aim at succeeding, not failing; but just be prepared for the eventuality that things might not work out. This puts you in a reasonable frame of mind where you are able to manage your expectations. The better you do this, the less nervous you will be. Over time you will accept not to take rejection personally, it is just a fact of life which happens to all of us. But that’s okay, if it happens, you can always go generate AI porn and forget about how the bad date went.


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Relax! Just Do It … When You Want To Come!

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