The pros and cons of proximity sex

We all want to get laid, right? Well maybe not everybody at all times, but it is fair to assume that most of us enjoy getting their rocks off, and the easier the process the better!

Now we’re not saying that the chase can’t provide us with some challenges, after all that constitutes half of the fun, but we certainly appreciate it when we find an easy shag. This is probably why a lot of us enjoy the idea of proximity dating, where we can easily meet with partners who live closer to where we are.

But are local shags discreet enough, and would we be better off looking somewhere else than our own courtyard?

Pro: Little transport

Having to drive for miles just to get laid can really dampen the mood. You might feel horny when you are talking to that chick online but by the time you’ve been through those traffic jams and long roads, your mood might simply not be the same. Instead, why not use local dating with sites like, your local sex contact resource. You can find potential partners who live close to your town, meaning you won’t have to do that ‘mood killing’ long drive. What you save on transport time and cost, you can make up for in fun times, and still have some change left in your pockets.

Con: Availability

By limiting yourself to local adventures, you’re limiting the number of people you can meet. Basically, you are taking from a wide pool of people’ and then shrinking it for convenience. In fact, this is the main compromise: you trade availability for convenience and easiness. This means that it might take you longer before you get lucky and that you will be missing out on other potential dates. So it’s really up to you: do you want to have fun as often as possible or are you happy to just get laid less often but in an easier fashion?

Pro: More comfortable

We often like to stick to what we know best, and that is why a lot of us are happy to trade availability versus convenience and comfort. Who wants to find themselves in a town they don’t know after spending a wild night? In truth, we want to make it home pronto so we can sit down and reminisce on the good times we’ve just had. Also, it is not just after but also during our date: we can go to our local café where we feel more at ease, it makes our date better and more relaxing. Basically, a lot of us like to stick to what we know, and staying local is the best way to do that.

Cons: Discretion

The only issue with local dating is when we want to keep our love and sex lives discreet and away from the eyes of the people we know. It might sound weird that some of us will want to do that, after all, what do we have to hide? Well for one thing, not every date is about love, so if we are sex dating then the last thing we want is to encounter a family member, a friend or a neighbor.

Naughty dates have to be more discreet, and not just because there can be some infidelity in the air. Even if the person we are meeting up with is single, they will not want everyone to know about their sex lives. So whilst using your favorite local café as a meeting point might sound like a good idea, you might want to re-consider if it means you are just telegraphing your sex life for all locals to see.

However, if you play it with more discretion than local dating will be easy and fun, like everything it’s just got to be done the right way!

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The pros and cons of proximity sex

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