How to Pick Up a Hot Russian Chick

Some men are looking for something different, a hot girl with a little European flair, maybe even a hot Russian lady to keep them warm at night.

But in doing so, you need to remember that Russian chicks aren’t like American’s and as such the way you approach them has to be different.

A friend of mine recently went to a party at a resort in Turkey and he said it was pretty much like visiting the Planet of Russian brides. Here are some tips he had for picking up a hot Russian chick if you ever find yourself in the same position.

  1. Play a leadership role

Russian ladies are into a traditional gender role division so it is fully okay to dominate a little bit when you approach a girl like this. Manliness is what allows you to attract women especially Eastern Slavic women who tend to be extremely feminine. If you display confidence, her heart is yours!  Yet don’t be too intrusive.

  1. Be a gentleman

Be ultimately chivalrous with a Russian girl to impress her! Modern girls still want to be wooed sophisticatedly so no wonder a typical Russian girl seeks a well-mannered gentleman. Mind your speech, your body language, and your table manners if necessary.

  1. Take the first steps first

Never expect a Russian lady to approach you first, it is just not in their mentality to do so. In the West, it might be okay for a girl to take the initiative but a Russian lady will rather drop hints. Keep the tabs on her behavior and pick the right moment! Don’t hesitate as this is exactly what she wants you to do.

  1. Take care of the exterior

Russian girls are, by all means, the hottest on the Earth so they wish to communicate with handsome guys. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt from birth to enchant such a girl.  Dress properly and smell good, don’t let your body gain extra fat, and keep your hair neat. After all, the main thing that makes you attractive is your inborn charisma.

  1. Buy her a drink

To pick up a Russian girl, you should also demonstrate some generosity. You know, one of the things Russian female friends ask one other is “what did your boyfriend buy you as a gift?” Not that you were ought to buy her some expensive stuff but a drink or two is required.

  1. Ask her for a dance

This is both a chance to show your manners and your decisiveness. Any Russian woman wants romance – she is just uninterested in communication that runs under the banal scenario. By the way, joint physical activity is the best way to build the connection and promote your acquaintance.

  1. Pay compliments

Telling nice things to girls helps you instantly conquer them. Yet there is also a rule you must learn: Russian girls want boys to see their soul so they don’t really like it when all your compliments are about their beauty. Say something about her character traits too. For example, appreciate her intellect as these ladies are brainy.

  1. Get her phone number

If you are really curious about some Russian chick, ask her to give you her phone number. First, she will definitely like it. Second, Russian girls are undeniably hot so you can’t get enough of them regardless of how much time you spend together. You see, there is absolutely nothing difficult about picking a Russian woman up at the party. Do what you should do and success will follow!

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How to Pick Up a Hot Russian Chick

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