James Bartholet @jamesbartholet presents Weird Sex Facts

If you missed an episode or two of ‘Inside the Industry,’ then you might have missed these Weird Sex Facts. The guests for the Wierd Sex Facts compilation were Crystal Rush, Ember Snow, Lucky Starr, Loni Legend, and Jordan Maxx.

  • Women’s breasts swell by as much as 25% during sex.
  • Men burn more calories during sex than women.
  • Male bicyclists risk impotence due to the press on the seat.
  • Men are biologically wired to fall asleep after sex.
  • There is a pagan holiday called Lupercalia, which is a huge orgy.
  • Sexual acts when done right help strengthen both physical and mental connections with a partner.
  • A study shows that transgender porn is watched mostly by straight men. It’s the 4th more commonly watched genre.

You can tune in to Inside the Industry every Wednesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm PST on LATalkRadio.com.


681451cookie-checkJames Bartholet @jamesbartholet presents Weird Sex Facts

James Bartholet @jamesbartholet presents Weird Sex Facts

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