7 Signs that You Are Just a Booty Call for Him

We tend to talk a lot about sex here, but not always about the relationship that surrounds it. I came across an article about dates and relationships, those dedicated just to sex, and thought now might be a good time to start talking more than just about sex and instead delve into the relationships around it.

I don’t know. Just thought maybe we could mix things up around here. Talk about something different for a change.

There is nothing bad about open relationships — those based only on sex if the couple is fully satisfied. However, sometimes you think you have a boyfriend, but in fact, you don’t. One day you realize that a “call-girl” is the best way to explain your part in the ‘relationship.’ How to understand that you are only his sex toy? You are the girl he calls when he wants a piece of ass.

He compliments you only on your appearance and temperament

Such ‘nice words’ are always somehow related to sex. There is no chance he can admire the color of your eyes or the sweet way of your sniffing. He would rather tell you that you are a “hot chick” or notice that the new jeans make your butt extremely seductive. As for compliments on another topic like you have a great sense of humor or a wonderful taste – never. He sees only a sexual object in you.

No hearts and flowers

He never acts spontaneously like “Honey, I was driving past your office and decided to bring you the donuts.” He never writes you the gentle messages or gives the lovely presents without any reason. He is not ready to spend an evening watching a movie together. It does not matter whether it is a beautiful drama that you love or a horror with zombies he loves.

He sets the date at the same time

Usually, it is the most convenient to him. There is a particular schedule for your meetings, and he is likely to give updating at all rather than put it off.

You don’t have the real dates

When it is finally Friday, all your expectations are ruined because you go on another fake date with the same course of events and no place for your real interests. You do not go to the movies, do not meet in a bar with friends, never go bowling or billiards, no attractions, quests, etc. Sorry, to upset you, but your date is just a prelude to sex. As a rule, it is just a dinner with some wine at his or your place. No restaurants. None of your dates can be described as a meeting for intellectual or emotional pleasure. Just a snack food and an aperitif before the main Meal.

And those always end with sex.

Yes, always. If he knows that sex will be impossible after the ‘date,’ your darling will likely come up with an excuse and cancel the date at the last moment. Also, if you refuse him right after the dinner – he will blow his cork and leave. Each of your meetings should end with sex. Otherwise, he will not play. Actually, it is taken for granted if you agree to meet, be ready to spend the night. Anyway, what is this all for?

You have nothing in common

Quite possibly, you have a lot in common except sex, of course; however, you do not talk about it. It may be some hobbies or other interests. Maybe, you have the similar tastes, but you neither watch movies together nor discuss the books you read. You just love each other only in a physical way.

You convince yourself that everything will one day change

You don’t really believe in the development of your relationship, but convince yourself that it’s a typical men’s attitude to the weaker sex. “I need to wait till he becomes more determined. Just a month and he’ll realize that I’m his destiny!” Get rid of such thoughts and the rose-colored glasses as well. A man is what he is, and convincing yourself he’s going to change is crazy.

Thanks to our friends from Vava Girls for providing this article.


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7 Signs that You Are Just a Booty Call for Him

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