By appearances, The Anti Sex worker movement is a new wave of sex work Prohabition

The Anti Sex worker movement wants it their way Only, Ordering people around, as if it’s like Chinese take out, or having it their way at Burger King.


Much like in the 1920s, the unpopular attempt at preventing the manufacturing and sales of alcohol, Now in 2021, A new wave of the religious resurrection for a prohibition of a slightly different kind, this time targeting sex workers and sex work of any kind.

Sex Workers can earn upwards of $500,000 annually

In the United States and arguable the entire world,  individuals have already decided which side, of the oldest known profession in history they stand, decriminalized, be legal or left as is. Whether legally, morally, or just left to plain basic freedom of choice one makes in this arena. Few minds if any will change.
An advent purveyor of pornographic material, these days are left with few options to be paid.

Roku abandoning access to porn on its app
The massive insurgency of the radical anti-sex worker movement. Prohibition-style

The anti-Porn movement is certainly trying diligently at leaving its mark on a victimless activity, they wish for it to be eradicated.  Much like the Prohibition movement from 1920 to 1933, which ultimately failed. My goodness, how history repeats itself.

The very identical types are at it again. It is a vastly unpopular predisposition and undertaking that ultimately will fail. The pendulum will ultimately swing in an opposing direction and predictably correct itself.

What boggles the mind is, why would anyone, who is a sex worker choose to support this radical, bound to fail and dubious proposition? to part take in their agendas is suspicious at the least. This is actually happening.

Understandable some maybe just a pugnacious, argumentative, provocateur type or one who wants to make new friends, and chooses rather foolishly.

Why is the term “Prostitute” used? instead, it should be “Sex Worker”

The term “sex worker” acknowledges that sex work is a form of labor. Prostitution, on the other hand, has negative connotations associated with criminality, immorality, or perverse. Many people who sell sexual services prefer the term “sex worker” and consider the term “prostitute” derogatory and stigmatizing, which contributes to their exclusion from health, legal, and social services.


Proliferation is a countermeasure to this nonsense from the far-right anti porners and sex workers


It is your industry, it is our industry, and thus when does one take an active role to squelch the mischaracterization of sex work? unite in vast numbers and stand together and beat this.

What Amendment happened in 1933?
On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, as announced in this proclamation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment of January 16, 1919, ending the increasingly unpopular nationwide prohibition of alcohol.

Vote wisely and not choose those with a single-issue political platform alone. Look for signs of a more progressive stand for supporting pro-sex worker laws.




709271cookie-checkBy appearances, The Anti Sex worker movement is a new wave of sex work Prohabition

By appearances, The Anti Sex worker movement is a new wave of sex work Prohabition

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