Another day, another con man. Meet Michael Enriquez.

The adult industry has its fair share of scumbags, and Michael Enriquez is one of them.

Michael Enriquez

In 2016 he was making the rounds trying to get people in the porn business to invest in some medical marijuana farm in Florida. His pitch was that if they got in early before it was fully legal, they would be ahead of the game and make a killing.

Michael Enriquez was offering a 5% partnership in exchange for a $40,000 investment. At the time he claimed his company was worth $5 million and that he already had two different investors, one who put up $100k and another who had put up $500k.

The $100k investor had 2% ownership of the company, MDCT Partners, LLC., and the $500k investor had 10% ownership in the company. But being the good con man that he is, Michael Enriquez was willing to make the deal of a lifetime, and for only $40k you too can have a full 5%, just like the same sucker which he claims put in $500k.

Now, most people would see right through that, knowing damn well that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably was. I mean why would he give you the same or a more significant percentage of ownership in a company that others had who had supposedly invested significantly more?

So fast forward a year and guess what happened?

Michael Enriquez blocked the sucker who invested the $20k in his scheme and took off with his money.

This guy is also interested in recruiting industry girl for low-end prostitution.

But here is the great part of the story, he got jammed up not too long ago and how did he save his ass? According to rumors, he turned over the list of people he had been working with in regards to prostitution to the feds.

Michael Enriquez

He once even held Jessie Rogers’ dog ransom. Michael Enriquez booked Jessie Rogers on an out of town escorting job and then held the girl’s dog ransom until she paid him the money he felt she owed him.

Jessie Rogers

She was paid only $8,000 for this out of town gig – a week-long job mind you where most girls would earn that or more per day, she was only being paid $8k for the whole week, and he demanded she pays him $3,000 of that $8,000 job and held her dog hostage until she gave him the money.


272980cookie-checkAnother day, another con man. Meet Michael Enriquez.

Another day, another con man. Meet Michael Enriquez.

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