Review of Digital Playground’s The Cool Crowd

Digital PLayground’s The Cool Crowd was directed by Robby D and stars Bibi Jones, Selena Santana, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, James Deen, Erik Everhard, Kortney Kane, and Ella Milano.

Review of Digital Playground's The Cool Crowd

Where the sex is hot but the girls are hotter! Sexy college student Selena Rose? knows all the right people and all the right parties. The place to be is at the Cool Guys’ house, where Manuel Ferrara and his pal Erik Everhard live. To help her new classmate BiBi Jones out, Selena takes her over to the house for lots of fun and even more fucking. They meet the beautiful Kortney Kane after Manuel gives her a deep drilling with his hot rod. It’s Erik who sets his sights on banging BiBi and after some begging, she gets him off to get rid of him. Party guy James Deen scores with stunning Ella Milano. Popular girl around the house, Selena, is always looking for a hook-up and Mick Blue gives her a hard pounding. Meanwhile, Manuel falls for BiBi and wants more than a one night stand.

This is a gem from back in 2012, but it’s still worth the watch. The movie includes a total of 5 scenes and is 1 hour and 38 minutes long.

I was sent a copy of the DVD version to watch so it had all the extras that you don’t get when watching a movie online such as trailers from other movies, slide shows of various photo galleries and a behind the scenes feature that was almost 10 minutes long.

  • Scene 1 is Kourtney Kane with Manuel Ferrara
  • Scene 2 is Bibi Jones with Erik Everhard
  • Scene 3 is Ella Milano with James Deen
  • Scene 4 is Selena Rose with Mick Blue
  • Scene 5 is Bibi Jones with Manuel Ferrara

The quality of production was good with this movie. It’s a lot better than what we even see today, even though this movie came out 8 years ago. Good lighting and audio and the camera work was steady.

It’s a good flick that I recommend you check out. The girls are hot and the sex is hotter.  It’s one of those films where they still made an effort to put some story in the movie to link the scenes together. Okay, the acting wasn’t great, but hey, at least they tried, which is a lot more than I can say about most movies made today.

The movie is available on DVD, Blue-Ray and as a Digital Download.

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Review of Digital Playground’s The Cool Crowd

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