PASS Calls for Production Hold Through Monday

PASS Issues the following statement

PASS  is calling for a precautionary production hold through Monday after a possible positive test by an adult performer. The performer is currently being retested to determine the accuracy of the initial test, and we are working to determine if there were any potential exposures within the performer pool, should the initial test be confirmed. We expect to have the results no later than Monday. Until then, we ask that production companies and individual creators stop production to reduce any potential risk.

PASS periodically calls production holds if there is a possible HIV exposure within the adult film community. Production holds are an important part of the safety protocols in adult film, but does not signal an actual on-set transmission, nor a confirmed positive test. The adult film industry has not seen an on-set transmission of HIV on a PASS-compliant set since 2004.

We understand that a production hold is not only stressful and confusing, but also financially difficult. However, our ultimate responsibility is to the safety of the performer pool and the integrity of the PASS system. We ask that you respect and maintain the performer’s privacy during this process.


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PASS Calls for Production Hold Through Monday

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