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“For those who don’t want to wear a dress – and for those who do –  Chiara Young has a guitar-powered anthem about feeling happy in your own skin…and your own wardrobe.”- Hollywood Life

Chiara Young, a self-taught producer and singer, resides in Toronto, Canada, where she produces, mixes, and masters all her own music. She struggled for years trying to find her place in the music industry, then she discovered TikTok. It paid off. In a little over a year, she amassed over one-hundred thousand followers and millions of views. Recently she collaborated on a song for her self-titled EP (via Golden Carrot Records) with Walk Off the Earth, a Juno-award winning act—a major achievement, and, with new music on the way, she’s only getting started.

Young says, “I wrote and produced I Don’t Wear Skirts about not fitting into societal norms. Growing up, I was a Tomboy. I always felt pressure to be more feminine, but being feminine wasn’t, and still isn’t, me. Looking back, I’m glad I never conformed: it made me who I am today. This song is for all the womxn who share my experience.”

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Should babes wear skirts? The Video Chiara Young

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