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The following is an explanation of my links policy. I will link to any site that will link back to me provided the site complies with the following:

The site MUST have 100% Original or licensed material.

The site must NOT ask for more than one payment. Example a site that uses Adultcheck must NOT be a paysite in addition to the adultcheck payment.

The site must NOT send any cookies.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a cookie is a program that a website places on YOUR computer. The program can relay any information that is stored on your computer to the site that placed it there or even to other sites. Your name and address and even the sites you visit are commonly relayed. This all happens without your knowledge. If you are using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator I strongly urge you to go into the options and disable all cookie use.

If any site that I link to attempts to send you a cookie please notify me immediatly. Normally cookies are sent and respond invisibly but if you direct your browser to show cookies before accepting them you can tell if a site is sending cookies.

Sites found to be sending cookies will be given 24 hours to comply or they will be dropped.

Any site that I link to that continues billing you after you have cancelled should be reported to me immediately, they will be given 24 hours to fix the problem or the link will be dropped.

I will not condone my members being ripped off, your help is deeply appreciated.

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