Why No One Writes

I got on his ass a few weeks ago about letting me write for his blog so that I could share some piss.

He emails me back a wise assed comment about free white trash labor and says go ahead.

So I was inspired late last week to come over here and talk about how the world needs to chase down more fuckers like that dude in Sweden that locked his daughter in the basement and banged her out to the tune of several kids before he let her out…. but I had no access.

On first glance it looked like he was running some bastardized  version of Word Press and the writing’ link wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Then I remember even though brother South is an accomplished rocket scientist, a critic of fine sushi, and an AVN award winner… Mike still don’t get this Web stuff.

Its ok Mike. I figured it out all on my own so I’m here now to see how many of your fans I can piss off and to bring balance to this blog from the website of the business.  Ill be back when I got more.

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Why No One Writes

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