Adult Film Star Addie Andrews Profiled on DailyMailTV

Adult film star and Penthouse Pet Addie Andrews recently revealed her past as a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a New York Post feature. Her story soon went viral with Fox NewsThe Sun, The Daily Mail, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Mirror, LADBible and dozens of other outlets across the globe.

Interviewed by DailyMailTV while in Los Angeles to attend Greg Lansky’s Vixen halloween party, the 5’ 8” blonde beauty discussed her journey from repressed Mormon missionary living a rigid lifestyle to sensuous adult film star and feature dancer.

Adult Film Star Addie Andrews Profiled on DailyMailTV

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The result of Andrews’ interview was a spellbinding four-minute feature:


Addie broke into adult films in early 2019, and told DailyMailTV that her first adult film shoot was “the best experience. I’d never felt more appreciated for my sexuality.”

Andrews became emotional withe discussing her journey into the world of X.

“It’s so empowering, and it’s freeing,” she said. “The most innocent woman in the world is sexual, and she shouldn’t be mocked or judged or shamed for it.”

During a video production for Penthouse in March, her good looks and natural charisma led to her being pulled aside for an impromptu photo shoot, which led to her being named Penthouse magazine’s “Pet of the Month” for June 2019.

“I feel appreciated as a woman for sharing what I have,” Addie said. “That has been the best part of it. Women can feel shamed or disrespected for being sexy, but in this environment, I’m celebrating that part of being a woman, which to me is the best part.”

Adult Film Star Addie Andrews Profiled on DailyMailTV

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Addie Andrews is represented for shoots by Brian at AMA Modeling, and for feature dancing by The Lee Network.

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Adult Film Star Addie Andrews Profiled on DailyMailTV

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