Joanna Angel New Guest Columnist at Men’s Health Magazine

Porn star and entrepreneur Joanna Angel is bringing her writing talents to Men’s Health Magazine as a guest contributor. In her debut column, the adult performer/director and author will explore sex and sexuality from her unique perspective, with often hilarious commentary.

“Exercising my writing chops in these new outlets has been a wonderful experience,” says Angel. “Whether I’m working on an advice column, a top 10 list, a novel, or a two-page script that leads to strangers boning, I put my heart into it all. Writing is, after all what I went to school for once upon a time. See Mom, I did actually use my degree!”

Angel’s first article, ‘The 17 Best Movie Sex Scenes, According to a Porn Star and Director’, highlights the star’s favorite erotic moments in films such asDavid Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (“the sex scene is beautiful and incredibly romantic”) and Boogie Nights (“it’s one of the few instances where a movie shows a woman in porn not as a victim, but as a sexually-empowered woman who has a lot of fun doing her job”).

Her counterpoint post, ‘The 13 Worst Movie Sex Scenes of All Time’, conveys a big ‘meh’ to the sex scenes in movies like Secretary (“I’m not a fan of the spanking scene… there’s a certain finesse that goes into the proper BDSM thwack, and [James] Spader’s form was stiff, like he was hammering a nail into a wall”).

Angel has written for other outlets, including a sex advice column for Spin Magazine – and the star recently wrote, released and received critical and fan acclaim for her new fiction novel, Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy.

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Joanna Angel New Guest Columnist at Men’s Health Magazine

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