Joanna Angel Helms, Stars in ‘Maid of Honor’ for Pure Taboo

Joanna Angel, one of my favorite people, is a triple threat as screenwriter, director and star of the new “Maid of Honor” webisode for Pure Taboo, alongside Jane Wilde and Small Hands.

“Maid of Honor” tells the tale of a couple on the cusp of marriage (played by 2016 AVN Hall of Fame inductee Angel and real-life hubby Small Hands), and Joanna’s diabolical step sister, played by Jane Wilde. Growing up, Jane was the competitive type who never wanted her step-sister, Joanna, to gain ground. As the years passed, the girls grew apart due to Jane’s relentless contest driven mindset and Joanna’s mild-mannered disposition.

“This is a story about jealousy and vanity, and how it can get the best of people and lead them to act out of character. It tears apart friendships, families and relationships”, said Joanna.

A week before the wedding of Joanna and Small Hands, her step-sister decides to re-enter Joanna’s life by showing up to town, uninvited. The result is a competitive sex marathon where the two sisters battle and fuck Joanna’s groom to be, to decide who is #1 once and for all.

“This was an incredibly ambitious scene; lots of dialogue, anger, tears and chaos. We captured an entire scene where I’m smashing chairs and glasses before the wedding a la Guns’N’Roses “November Rain“. I used my *actual* wedding dress for this movie,” Angel revealed.

Joanna Angel in “Maid of Honor”

“I’ve always appreciated the aesthetic of Pure Taboo. It really is different from anything that’s been done in adult before. Joanna worked so hard putting this concept together and it was so much fun for me to map out how to best capture it for her.” added ace shooter Mike Quasar.

“I truly enjoy tapping into my dark side for Pure Taboo and can’t wait to do more!”, Angel concludes.

Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer adds, “It is always fascinating to see Joanna’s spin on Pure Taboo stories! It’s such a departure from her other productions and really showcases her range as a director!”

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Joanna Angel Helms, Stars in ‘Maid of Honor’ for Pure Taboo

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