Beautiful Brenna McKenna Goes Bumming with Bobcat, Mayhem Ensues

You can’t go wrong talking Four Loko and frat party beers with a side of Pabst Blue Ribbon!

One of the most classically beautiful women to ever grace adult films, multi-nominated star Brenna McKenna joins Bum Wine Bob as the guest on the latest episode of the irreverent “Bumming With Bobcat” podcast.

Bum Wine Bob is the Everyman’s drinking man and bum wine connoisseur. On “Bumming With Bobcat,” he and his special guests discuss life and explore bottom-shelf and budget beverages that are low in price, but not in quality.

Beautiful Brenna McKenna Goes Bumming With Bobcat, Mayhem Ensues

Born and raised in the great state of New Jersey, Brenna McKenna attended private school on a softball scholarship before putting herself through college in Philadelphia as a stripper. After earning her business degree in Fashion Industry Management, she realized that she loved exotic dancing so much, she decided to make it her career!

McKenna was nominated for Hottest Newcomer and Best Oral Sex Scene in the 2023 AVN Awards, Pornstar of the Year in the 2023 Cammy Awards, and Best Inked Cam Model in the 2023 AltStar Awards.

On tap for this episode of “Bumming with Bobcat” is:

Drinking detox and keeping it light with a PBR

Brenna’s first Four Loko and frat party beers

MD 20/20 and go-to drinks

Redbull and Vodka

Brenna’s drink ‘no list’

Feature dancing and the strip club vibe

How Brenna found her way to OnlyFans and the adult industry

How ‘alt’ is Brenna McKenna?

Favorite types of scenes to shoot

PBR and Four Loko double fisting

What’s up next for Brenna . . . and much MORE!

“Brenna is the perfect podcast guest: down-to-earth and a lot of fun to chat with,” Bum Wine Bob raved. “Very open about her adventures in the adult industry and how she got there. I’m looking forward to having her back on the podcast again in the future to double fist some Four Loko and PBR!”

Beautiful Brenna McKenna Goes Bumming with Bobcat, Mayhem Ensues

“I had a lot of fun with Bum Wine Bob,” McKenna said.  “His show has a cool, casual vibe, which makes for an excellent way for fans to get to know more about me. I hope everyone checks it out.”

Crack open a cold one and enjoy “Bumming with Brenna McKenna” here.


For more information, follow Bum Wine Bob on Twitter: @BumWineBob.

Connect with Brenna McKenna (and her inverted V’s) on Twitter: @BrennvMcKennv / Instagram: @BrennvMcKennv.

Join her Discord server here.

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Beautiful Brenna McKenna Goes Bumming with Bobcat, Mayhem Ensues

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