Xtube to Shut Down on September 5th

We have just received notice that the popular tube site Xtube.com is shutting down.

It’s a sad day for us at XTube but we have to announce that after 13 years, XTube.com will be shutting down on September 5th.

We’re proud of the vibrant community we’ve built since 2008 and we’re grateful to all of you who have shared your content on our platform. Unfortunately, it’s time for us to move on to greener pastures and greater things.

Since XTube will be closing effective September 5th, video and photo uploads have now been disabled. Purchasing additional XTube Credits and purchasing VIP or XTube Premium subscriptions have also been disabled, but you can continue purchasing amateur content with your account’s XTube Credits until September 5th, after which you will no longer be able to do so, nor have access to your account.

If you are a VIP or XTube Premium subscriber, your last billing month will be July 2021. Beginning August 1st, 2021, your subscription will be canceled automatically.

The tube site has been in operation for almost 15 years and gets a crazy amount of traffic, with an Alexa rating of 5,665 at the time of this posting.

Xtube was one of the first tube sites on the internet and was first launched in March 2006. The website has a user base of nearly 10 million members. 

For now, any attempt to join their “premium” is redirected to Pornhub Premium.

  • You can follow Xtube on Twitter @xtube.

“XTube has always had a dedicated but small community, and we believe that its users and creators will be better served on one of our existing platforms, where they will be able to take advantage of wider reach and increased visibility.” – Mindgeek

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Xtube to Shut Down on September 5th

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