VIDEO: Bella French / documentary #WeAreMany

Bella French steps out of the shadows in #WeAreMany, the new documentary about her mission behind

Meet the former camgirl-turned-CEO who built the world’s #1 adult clip site,, and discover her mission to revolutionize the $97 billion global adult industry. From Los Angeles to Montreal, from Las Vegas to New York City, #WeAreMany sheds a different light on adult performers and reveals an intimate perspective on the personal mission of Bella French: to empower adult content creators to produce, promote and distribute their own work—while retaining full copyright—with cutting-edge tools.

 A former camgirl and MV Star herself, French’s vision is to build a sex-positive company that works tirelessly to redefine the adult industry, a $97 billion global enterprise, transforming it by providing a safe haven for sexual expression and actively promoting sex positivity, inclusivity and the fair treatment of adult entertainers.

Along with her co-founder and MV Team, Bella French has built the business into the world’s no.1 adult clip site.

A Word from Bella

This documentary is relevant because it breaks free from the typical attitudes and taboos towards sex workers and performers in the adult industry. Even in today’s open sex culture, the taboo remains.  

As a former camgirl myself, I have seen firsthand a lot of the challenges this community faces, and I wasn’t comfortable to let the status quo remain. I knew there had to be a better way.

Adult entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry, so why not let the performers and content creators share a piece of that pie? Why not create a safe and positive environment for these workers and support them to become successful entrepreneurs?

What I hope to do with this documentary is shed some light, educate viewers, fans and the public on how MV Stars and ManyVids is revolutionizing the adult industry.

I invite you to watch #WeAreMany. Because we are many.

Thank you! Merci!

Bella XXX

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VIDEO: Bella French / documentary #WeAreMany

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