The Truth About #AB2389 and Phyllisha Anne

It was recently revealed that former porn star Phyllisha Anne helped to author a bill known as AB2389 in which all porn stars will be required to get licensed. This means being fingerprinted, getting a criminal background check, and required to take a 2+ hour class every 2 years (at your expense) —- among other requirements.

There are a lot of problems with this bill but why would someone who used to work in our industry work with the government to do this to us?

The person in question is Phyllisha Anne, someone who worked as a performer for a few years but hasn’t really been involved in the industry for more than 15 years. She has no idea what the industry is like today. She has no actual knowledge of how anything works in today’s industry.

But you know what she did do? She decided that the adult industry needed a union so that she could try and quality for fedral and state government grants and get and I’m quoting here – a six figure income for herself and other members of her union.

So what exactly has she done to help the adult industry since the formation of the Entertainment Adult Union?

She took money from the Aids Healthcare Foundation in support of Prop 60 and other anti-porn legislation.

She has not done a single thing other than that. NOTHING. So why is this woman allowed to go to the government and claim to represent the entire adult industry?

I mean a union who has less than probably 20 members, many of which have no real connection to the industry.

She did work to draft AB2389 and she admits it.


I understand that there are many concerns with the way AB 2389 is currently written, I am working with an Assembly office to amend the bill as we speak. We look forward to a collaborative process were stakeholders come to the table to voice their concerns in order for us to make AB 2389 a more equitable bill for all parties concerned. Phyllisha Anne

Why would a former porn star with no formal education with a legal background draft a bill that treats all porn stars as criminals? What gives her the right?

Let me enlighten you …


The bill all has a clause in it that gives two people to represent the adult industry that pays $200 a day per person, that’s a $1,000 a week of government money that she’ll get paid. All to consult about an industry she has not been connected to in more than 15 years.

What Phyllisha Anne wants is not to help the industry. She’s proven that when she took money from the Aids Healthcare Foundation and actively worked against hte rights of performers and now again by helping to draft a bill without even talking to adult performers – those who would be directly effected by this bill.

Phyllisha Anne cares about Phyllisha Anne.

Phyllisha Anne wants money and she’ll sell every one of us down the river to get it. Her work in AB2389 proves that.

What gives Phyllisha Anne the right to draft any bill on behalf of the adult industry?

She has no legal background.

She has no experience in modern day porn.

She is a former drug addict and prostitute who wants nothing more than to secure her own financial future at all of our cost.

This is a message from porn star Mary Moody about AB2389.




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The Truth About #AB2389 and Phyllisha Anne

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