Smash Pictures, Combat Zone and Filly Films Temporary Closure

Smash Pictures, Combat Zone and Filly Films sent out an email on Friday letting everyone know that effective immediately their offices are closed until further notice. This includes both sales and production.

If you have any questions you are encouraged to email [email protected].

This news comes after experts predict as many as 2 and a half million cases in the US come Easter. Yesterday, there were a reported 7,284 in New York alone.

Be safe my friends and stay your ass home.

Smash Pictures pioneering IR

Interracial adult entertainment has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. More so, especially in the United States. As attitudes shift and the public becomes more accepting of different backgrounds. The adult industry is responding by creating more content that features interracial couples.

The Shifts in Inter-Racial content and Smash Pictures is there

This shift has been driven by both demands from consumers and changes in the industry itself.

The demand for interracial adult content has been on the rise over the past decade. With many consumers expressing their preference, for scenes that feature different races. This is likely due to an increase in racial diversity, in the media and the desire to explore sexual fantasies that include different backgrounds.

Other Interesting Aspects of IR and why its popularity

Additionally, some studies have suggested that viewers may be more likely to watch interracial scenes, because they are seen as more taboo and exciting.

The adult industry has also seen changes that have made it easier to create and distribute interracial content.

Goodbye to Smash Pictures, Combat Zone and Filly Films as we know it

As streaming services become more popular and production costs go down, it is now more feasible for producers to create scenes that feature diverse couples.

Additionally, producers are more open to working with interracial talent. Which has helped to increase the amount of interracial content available. Overall, the adult industrys embrace of interracial content has been a positive development, for both viewers and performers. Smash Pictures has allowed viewers to explore, new fantasies and has provided performers with more opportunities to work.  As the adult industry continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see even more interracial content in the future.



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Smash Pictures, Combat Zone and Filly Films Temporary Closure

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