Sextronix Closes Doors Without Notice #OutofBusiness

After being in business for 25 years, Sextronix closed up shop, leaving their affiliates all high and dry. To date, nobody has been able to get an answer about what has happened and why they were so quick to close their doors.

There are more than a few rumors as to what happened, but best we can gather is, the owner went through a bad divorce and just said “fuck it all”, leaving everyone he owed money to that supported their affiliate program, without any recourse.

As of this posting, we are unclear if any of their affiliates are going to be paid. But from what we are hearing that isn’t going to happen.  From a source close to the owner who wishes not to be named, he tells us that the owner is “off the rails”, and has stashed millions over the years and just doesn’t care anymore.

Let’s hope that isn’t the case and we are able to come to a successful resolution for all of those affiliates who are owed money.



656610cookie-checkSextronix Closes Doors Without Notice #OutofBusiness

Sextronix Closes Doors Without Notice #OutofBusiness

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