Sex workers reveal online service surge during #coronavirus lockdown

Sex workers have revealed the ways they are getting creative with online service in the time of coronavirus, as lockdowns see brothels, strip clubs and other venues closed all around the world.

Many workers are now turning to alternative online work in an effort to keep their incomes flowing.

Alice Little is America’s Highest-Earning Legal Prostitute for Third Consecutive Year
Alice Little

Alice Little, America’s highest-paid sex worker, tells Yahoo Lifestyle the pandemic is an opportunity for many workers to return to old specialties.

“Everyone including the legal sex workers are going to have to be willing to pivot into new opportunities and adapt at least in the short term to the fact that right now the most responsible thing we can do is practise social distancing,” she says, adding there’s ‘all sorts’ of innovations happening.

Online service surge

Alice says in light of the lockdown many co-workers have returned to old lines of work, with a huge focus on online porn, web cam live videos and phone sex.

“Some guests are choosing to set up virtual video dates,” she says, explaining that she will often set up a picnic with food and wine, or watch a movie with someone via video link.

“[We’re] really taking advantage of technology in creative ways.”

Kate Kennedy

Adult film stars Kate Kennedy and Joslyn Jane both told the New York Post they are seeing a huge jump in subscribers and income, as well as new players joining the online camming world.

Joslyn Jane PHOTO:

 is a lecturer at the University of NSW and an expert in sex industry law, she says the move to online is the right one as in-person services are no longer safe.

“The best way to reduce transmission is to no longer provide in-person sexual services,” she says. “Mucus, saliva, and feces can transmit the virus, and it’s impossible to maintain a safe distance while having sex.”

Sex workers reveal online service surge

Yahoo Lifestyle

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Sex workers reveal online service surge during #coronavirus lockdown

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