Romi Chase @romi_chase Joins @SextPanther To Sext Fans

Romi Chase is the latest addition to fan platform SextPanther and is available right now to text, talk, and exchange photos with her admirers at

The fan service is “more directed at my fetish fan base, especially guys that are into femdom, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, sissification, forced bi and cuckold – but I am indeed open to all fetishes,” she says. “It’s a more direct way of communicating with me, as you can reach my cell phone directly,” adding that she offers $2 pay-per-text (Chase’s replies are free), $6 per-minute calls, $7 per-photo, audio ($5) and video ($15) messaging.

Chase is also actively working on upgrading her official website; additional features will include the ability to purchase additional adult content directly through the site, buy her branded merchandise, book live shows, read her blog and purchase personal items such as used panties or bras and stay up to date with all of her current projects.

“As my brand continues to grow, I realize that my website needs to be more advanced and professional as well, as I want to provide a better experience for my followers,” Chase adds. “My ever-growing fan base needs a better place to learn more about me, so a more extensive website with more features – and the opportunity to purchase some of my work through my personal site – is an ideal solution in this case.”

Follow Romi Chase at:

659570cookie-checkRomi Chase @romi_chase Joins @SextPanther To Sext Fans

Romi Chase @romi_chase Joins @SextPanther To Sext Fans

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